Jay Manty, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team 2 (retired)

Cortland Line Is Making a Difference

In a touching and respectful ceremony during ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas, Cortland Line Company presented two checks to two representatives from Discover Courage. While the sum of both checks was impressive and should make an impact for Discover Courage, the heartfelt appreciation expressed by Jay Manty, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team 2 (retired) for Cortland’s donation was even more moving. To hear Manty talk about the needs of the Discover Courage community, and issues facing so many of America’s finest armed forces personnel after their time in the special forces has come to the end was heartbreaking.

Manty shared how these men and women who are trained and pushed to limits that many of us cannot imagine nor endure, and all posses the never-quit attitude that their jobs Jay Manty, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team 2 (retired)demand, have so many problems once they return to life as we know it. Many of them simply do not want to give up on their jobs, which is to serve and protect our country no matter the cost. They are returned to society and their main mission for so many years has been taken away from them and are in need of a new outlet to channel their energies and reacclimate themselves to the life they knew before their service to our country.

Discover Courage works with our servicemen and women to discover ways to express their thoughts and come to peace with their new roles in our society. Many times the outdoors is a perfect outlet for many of them, and fishing is a leading activity many of them seem to enjoy. Cortland Line Company recognized the needs of Discover Courage and has offered to offset some of their costs to introduce or reintroduce these special Americans to the sport of fishing.

As more members of our service continue to return home from their deployments overseas, many times when they leave it is in secret with their families not knowing their locations or their return date. They are now forced to leave their posts in our military due to physical or emotional trauma and Discover Courage has made a promise to them that they will be there to lend a hand and make the transition a bit easier. Cortland Line Company will be there as well, as will other companies, hopefully. If you would like to reach out to Discover Courage and find a way you can help locally or with their national campaign, you can contact Jay Manty, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team 2 (retired) or Dr. Way Yin through their website www.discover-courage.org. Remember to also thank all service members for the sacrifices they have made for our country; every day should be a celebration of their dedication to America.

Cortland Line Company teams up with Discover Courage

Cortland Line Company teams up with Discover Courage

Healing the mind, body and spirit of America’s military special operations community through dedicated outdoor oriented programs

Cortland, NY- Cortland Line Company had the honor of presenting a product and cash donation check to Discover Courage in the amount of $21,000 at the 2013 ICAST/IFTD trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Discover Courage is a non-profit leadership development organization dedicated to helping the unique needs of America’s special operations community. Cortland Line’s donation will allow the Discover Courage organization to assist America’s special operations servicemen with their health, leadership,and personal growth. As more and more of our servicemen return home from overseas, it is evident that non-profit organizations such as Discover Courage are extremely important in helping assist in the healing process for the true hero’s of our country. Cortland Line Company recognizes the hard work involved in the processes of healing and would like to thank Discover Courage for accepting our donation and the time, effort and dedication they give to our servicemen. Accpeting the checks are Dr. Way Yin and Jay Manty, Command Master Chief, SEAL Team 2 (retired).

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