Cortland’s Precision fly line series

Cortland Introduces New Product Packaging

CORTLAND, NY– Cortland Line Company announces it will unveil new product packaging beginning with orders that ship in January, 2014. The new look will feature a cleaner layout and color scheme to catch the consumer’s eye. It will also provide more clarity in conveying essential product information such as species, casting type, line weight / lb. test, and technical specifications. But the design effort didn’t stop there. It has a more far-reaching objective; a unique approach that is environmentally sound, and pays tribute to Cortland’s heritage as it looks forward to its centennial celebration next year.

“During a planning session, we noted the trend toward heightened environmental awareness, using recycled materials and minimalist packaging,” recalls CEO Randy Brown. “And in the same discussion it was suggested we pay tribute to our illustrious past as we prepare to celebrate 100 years as a leading fishing line company. The new packaging, reminiscent of our vintage 333 tins from the 1950s, accomplishes both.”

Cortland’s Precision fly line series

“While new packaging isn’t as exciting as a new line featuring some game-changing innovation, in this case it is solid evidence that the new Cortland is gaining momentum,” said Randi Swisher, Sales VP. “And when we showed prototypes to retailers who dropped by our booth at the Las Vegas show, the response was incredibly positive. There wasn’t one person who was not blown away by the tins.”

The tin will initially be available for Cortland’s Precision fly line series, featuring an embossed Tarpon for saltwater product and a Trout for freshwater product. Inside, line is stored on what Cortland calls their “eco-spool” made of 100% recycled material (wood, rice hulls and flax fiber). The tin comes in a recycled cardboard sleeve ready for shelf or pegboard display. The sleeve will feature the new look and a minimalist design using 50% less material than traditional packaging, while allowing the tin to be prominently displayed. And the tins are reusable, ideal for storing flies, tying materials, tippet spools, leaders, spare coins, river snacks, you name it.

Cortland’s other fly lines, as well as its growing array of sport fishing lines, will abandon the plastic containers in favor of the more traditional boxes, using recycled material featuring the new design. Fly fishing product orders will ship with the new packaging beginning January 6, 2014, and all sport fishing products will be delivered in the new packaging beginning January 27th.

Says Brown, “Personally, I was looking to elevate our image with retailers and anglers while announcing that Cortland is back. The new packaging does that in a big way.”