Chillin’ Brew™

Chillin’ Brew™ Cooler Panels

Don’t you just hate the idea of drinking a warm beer? Of course you do – everyone does! Well, the days of drinking warm beer are a thing of the past because Arctic Ice™ Chillin’ Brew™ offers you, the beer drinker, the absolutely best opportunity for the coldest beer you can drink! Powered by Arctic Ice™ Chillin’ Brew™ panels in your cooler can keep your beer at the perfect drinking temperature longer than ice without the mess or waste.

Our little secret is inside the Chillin’ Brew™ panels, the active ingredient changes phases, or freezes, at a temperature just above where your beer would freeze. This material manipulates the temperature of your beer to constantly remain even colder than ice. In fact, our wicked smart engineering team has specifically designed Chillin’ Brew™ panels to produce the coldest beer in the entire world!

As an added bonus – Chillin’ Brew™ is reusable for a lifetime! To recharge the panels, just pop them in the freezer for 6-10 hours and your ready to party again! Chillin’ Brew’s™ active ingredient has been tested for up to 100,000 freeze/thaw cycles without any change in its effectiveness.

Oh, by the way, did we mention that Chillin’ Brew™ is made from plants? The unique phase change material used in Chillin’ Brew™ is made from animal food stocks and is completely biodegradable and harmless should it ever leak. We are even making the containers from recyclable plastic!

Chillin’ Brew™

Chillin’ Brew™ is available in 4 sizes designed to fit any cooler. Be sure to grab a couple of the right size panels to make your cooler the coldest “beer sandwich” on earth!