Cheeky Fishing Launches All-Day Freshwater Fly Line

North Adams, MA – Cheeky Fishing is at it again! In its quest to not only demystify the sport of fly fishing, but also bring high performance gear to more anglers, Cheeky announces the All-Day Freshwater Fly Line in weights 3-8 for 2022. The 90-foot, floating fly line has an aggressive weight-forward taper covering a range of shorter, pocket-water casts to double-hauling streamers to the far bank. The All-Day Freshwater Fly Line preforms in a wide range of water temperatures, and with a strong, nylon core, can handle whatever toads you hook into. Coiled on a bio-friendly, wheat straw spool, this fly line has low memory and two welded loops.

“When we look at fly lines and see prices creeping north of $120, we know we can step in and offer the angler a high-performance line at a better value,” says Ted Upton, CEO of North Point Brands, parent entity to Cheeky Fishing. “We thrive on having smart solutions to angling problems. The All-Day Freshwater Fly Line is exactly that.”

Additionally, Cheeky is rounding out its offering of tippet, leader, and backing to have you ready to hit the water fully-rigged for your next angling adventure. This includes 5 colors of stronger 30-pound backing in 300-yard spools to accompany Cheeky Fishing’s popular 20-pound backing. Tippet and leader selection has also been expanded and enhanced for both fresh and saltwater. Nine-foot, tapered leader three-packs now include 0x to 6X in freshwater and 10 lb., 12 lb., 16 lb., 20 lb., and 30 lb. for saltwater. All tapered leaders are nylon with tied loops for easy connection to your fly line.

With the addition of the new 2022 All-Day Freshwater Fly Line, Tippet, and Leader, Cheeky has all you need to have an epic day on the water. Look for these new products online or at a fly shop near you.


Cheeky Fishing was founded in 2009 out of the Boston, MA apartments of Scott Caras, Peter Crommett, and Ted Upton. While Caras, Crommett and Upton were grinding on the business in Boston, Max Key headed up “Cheeky West” in Denver, Colorado. As longtime friends and fishing buddies, the four of guys founded Cheeky Fishing because they weren’t satisfied with fly fishing’s sometimes stuffy vibe, or the unimaginative, bland look and performance of the equipment. For more information and a look at the complete line of Cheeky Fishing products, visit