Check Out the Beastly New Big Fish Gripper

Chambersburg, PA – Having a good grip is pivotal to premium performance. Consider the carpenter. Without a solid grip of his hammer-handle, there’s little chance of sending a nail true and deep. A NASCAR driver would eat the wall coming off turn-two without gloves planted firmly on the wheel. And the angler? Well, let’s just say feeble handling can result in a lunker dumped boat-side, or worse, that same animal going psycho onboard, injuring itself, even you.

Adult-strength fish-grippers have been subduing aquatic brutes for decades. First finding their way onto crusty commercial boats and saltwater charters, fish-grippers have long tamed oceangoing savages like barracuda and billfish. Today, freshwater anglers manage mega-fish like striped bass and leg-length catfish with these now must-have, handheld devices.

Catfish experts Rippin Lips are following the successful release of their original gripper with the new, beefier, simple to operate, PRO Big Fish Lip Gripper. The tool’s burly clamps clutch a fish’s jaw in a single, one-handed motion. Just as easily, a temperamental fish can be released in a solo stroke, making the PRO Big Fish Gripper ideal for both crews and one-man operations.

Defying rust and the nemesis of saltwater, the PRO Big Fish Gripper is constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel, affording years of flawless operation. Giving grip to the gripper – the angler – the solid-state tool features a non-slip rubberized handle with adjustable wrist-strap, yielding even more control.

Rippin Lips cofounder and professional catfish angler John Jamison is a control freak when it comes to dealing with tape-measure catfish. “Safety is number one,” says the decorated tournament champion. “A giant blue, flathead or channel can tear you up. Getting gashed by a dorsal or pectoral fin will ruin your day. The PRO Big Fish Gripper helps hold a giant cat solidly in place while you remove the hook, take photos and measurements, and bring her right back down to the water for a clean release.”

On the topic of weights and measures, Rippin Lips’ PRO Big Fish Gripper features a built-in scale that goes to 50-lbs of fins, scales and fillets. Anything bigger and you’re probably going to round up for storytelling purposes anyway. The Rippin Lips PRO Big Fish Gripper is introductory priced at $29.99.