CCA Awards Mr. Dick Henry with Lifetime Achievement Honor

GRAHAM, NC – Mr. Dick Henry; founder of Henry’s Tackle, along with Sea Striker and Star Rods, which are now all part of the Big Rock Sports family, and former owner of Penn Fishing Tackle, was honored on February 15, 2020 with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the North Carolina Coastal Conservation Association.

Mr. Henry’s legacy started in the late 1960’s from expanding his income from the family business to start his own dream, Henry’s Tackle. From there he wanted to do things the right way; instituting a reputation for fairness, honesty, integrity, and munificence. By implementing these values, he believed the industry would benefit for all.

Through roller coasters of purchases, mergers, and other business deals he became a well-renowned and revered man in the industry. While doing all of this he still kept his core values close to his heart and put them into fruition every day. Something we, here at Big Rock Sports, we take pride in.

There’s a reason that the CCA blessed him with this esteemed honor. Mr. Henry recognized that the future of this industry relies on forever thriving customers and a vigorous resource. Mr. Dick Henry is a pioneer and Big Rock Sports is proud to have him as part of the family.

CCA’s Story

CCA was created in 1977, after drastic commercial overfishing along the Texas coast decimated redfish and speckled trout populations. A group of fourteen concerned recreational anglers gathered in a local tackle shop to create the Gulf Coast Conservation Association in order to turn the tide for conservation.

This previously unimaginable victory launched a new era in marine resource conservation. The successful conservation movement that started with the “Save the Redfish” campaign got the attention of anglers across the Gulf and by 1985, chapters had formed all along the Gulf Coast. The fish are different, but the challenges facing them are often the same. We work to protect not only the health, habitat and sustainability of our marine resources, but also the interests of recreational anglers and their access to the resources they cherish. With a growing, well-informed, active membership, CCA continues the mission launched by those 14 visionary anglers so many years ago.

About Big Rock Sports

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