Catch Up with the New Bombshell Weighted Hooks

FROSTPROOF, Florida — Castalia Outdoors announced more details on the pivoting head “Jiggy” hook from Bombshell Creature Baits.

The Bombshell “Jiggy” Head has a weighted head that moves independently from the hook, providing a more lifelike presentation for any lure during the retrieve or descent to the bottom. This swivel action between the head and lure also absorbs the initial shock from a bass trying to throw the hook, allowing increased fish catches over a traditional “fixed” jighead that will often dislodge because of its inherent rigidness.

A perfect complement to the Bombshell Turtle Hybrid or any other soft-plastic lure – great for counting down creature lures deep into vegetation holes and cover pockets. Simply Texas-rig your lure onto the hook, there is no bullet-style hook weight to damage your line. The flat bottom on the weight aides in a retrieve on plane during top water action and provides a steady footprint when the lure rests on the bottom, allowing the lure to swing into action with the slightest line movement or water current.

Available in 3-pack, unpainted, 1/4-oz. and 3/8-oz. weights, and offset wide-bend red, 4/0 hook.

Item# BJYH-14

4/0 Red Hook, 1/4 oz., 3-pack

Item# BJYH-38

4/0 Red Hook, 3/8 oz., 3-pack

For more information visit Castalia’s website; for dealer inquiries, call 1-863-635-7238.