Casting or Spinning? Free Yourself From the Paradox of Choice!

PARK FALLS, WIS. (April 1, 2023) – St. Croix Rod, handcrafters of the Best Rods on Earth for 75 years, announces that a three-year blue-sky initiative of its Research and Development Team is inching closer to production on select St. Croix rod models, possibly as early as late 2023.

“We call it Functional Universal Non-Directional Technology, or FUN,” says St. Croix Vice President of Research and Development, Jason Brunner. “Essentially, it’s a revolving reel seat design that facilitates 180-degree rotation and locks firmly into place so a single rod can be used for both casting and spinning applications, saving anglers time and money so they can enjoy better experiences on the water.”

Originally contemplated and developed strictly for trolling applications, Brunner says pro-staff testing of the innovative design revealed opportunities for expanded use.

“Not making this technology universally available would represent a disservice to the anglers we work every day to serve,” continues Brunner, adding that the advancement offers the additional benefit of a more efficient means of rod manufacturing. “There’s an important secondary benefit that allows us to build rods in the same way. In other words, removing the need for a distinction between spinning and casting models, which ultimately saves anglers money and confusion.”

Beyond the unique aspects of the reel seat itself, St. Croix’s Functional Universal Non-Directional Technology incorporates additional guide train advancements. “Our R&D team continues to work with our component vendors to develop a universal guide platform solution that also rotates 180 degrees to accommodate both reel seat positions,” says Brunner. “Nobody in this building has ever shied away from challenges, but the engineering and technology necessary to make this happen have proven extremely complex. We’re getting very close, but we’re not about to release something that hasn’t been tested and proven to be 100% reliable. In the interim, initial FUN-equipped rod models will feature dual, horizontally opposed spinning and casting guide trains.”

Brunner says he hopes other tackle manufacturers will see what St. Croix is doing with FUN Technology and apply it to their own products to create even more innovative new choices for anglers. “We’re putting anglers first and, therefore, not seeking any patents,” he reports. “Truly revolutionary innovation like this is extremely rare. Therefore, we feel it’s best to share what we’ve learned with the entire industry, who we expect to respond with their own FUN-inspired advancements. We expect this to totally transform the market and result in an entirely new category of products for the benefit of anglers.”

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