Bucktail is Back!

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Long before plastic there was hair. Do-it-yourself jig makers have been tying with bucktail, marabou, rabbit hair and other natural fibers for decades. Eventually, lure manufacturers caught on and designed hair jigs for the masses. Now, Northland Fishing Tackle takes a quantum leap forward with the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig, a bait with matchless detail and performance.

The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig sports a keeled “DEEP-VEE” design that’s thicker on top and thin on the bottom to track straight and fall fast. It features holographic, 3D eyes that exude a “match-the-hatch” realism. Dressed in custom bucktail patterns with strands of attractor colors, the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig can be fished by itself or with your favorite live bait or plastics.

alleye savant and Northland pro Tom Neustrom is a believer in the power of hair. “The hair on the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig actually moves in the water,” says Neustrom. “Its soft and intricate movement makes fish take notice.”

Neustrom deploys hair in the spring and early summer, and then again in fall, for walleyes, perch and smallmouth bass. And although the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig can be fished traditionally with pops and snaps, Neustrom really likes it for swimming. “I’ll pitch it over grass, gravel, weeds and rocks, swimming it straight back to the boat, pausing now and then to let it drop,” says Neustrom, loving how the Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig glides inches off the bottom. He adds: “Change the cadence, too. Work in stops and starts. Actual baitfish rarely swim long distances in a straight line.”

The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig is available in 12 proven colors and four sizes, including 1/16-, 1/8-, ¼- and 3/8 ounce. One jig per card. MSRP is $3.99.

ABOUT Northland® Fishing Tackle

In 1975, a young Northwoods fishing guide named John Peterson started pouring jigs and tying tackle for his clients in a small remote cabin in northern Minnesota. The lures were innovative, made with high quality components, and most importantly, were catching fish when no other baits were working! Word spread like wildfire, the phone started ringing… and the Northland Fishing Tackle® brand was in hot demand! For 40 years now, John and the Northland® team have been designing, testing and perfecting an exclusive line of products that catch fish like no other brand on the market today. Manufactured in the heart of Minnesota’s finest fishing waters, Northland® is one of the country’s leading producers of premium quality jigs, live bait rigs, spinnerbaits and spoons for crappies, bluegills, perch, walleyes, bass, trout, northern pike and muskies.