Buck-Shot Spoons from Northland

Bemidji, Minn. – Traditional spoons flash, drop and wobble. But there’s more to spoon fishing than the same-old game of lift-drop-flutter. Especially when revolutionary action and attraction convert old friends into new trends.

First things first, there’s the wing thing. NORTHLAND’S new BUCK-SHOT® GLIDER SPOON propels their legendary BUCK-SHOT® GLIDER SPOON design to new heights and flights, sprouting wings to make the lure sail, slide and glide as it slowly wobbles downward. Its exaggerated wobbling action draws fish attention and drives them crazy.

“The BUCK-SHOT® GLIDER SPOON features molded-in ‘wings’ that cause an erratic darting, flying and gliding action that mimics a wounded baitfish,” says Team Northland® Pro Staffer Tony Roach. “Coupled with the exclusive Baitfish Image® finish and proven Buck-Shot® rattle, it calls ’em in and triggers ’em to bite.” Available in three sizes-1/8, 1/4 and 3/8 oz.–and six seductive colors including four “glo” patterns-they reach out to tantalize everything from Perch and Walleye to Bass and Trout.

Second but equally exciting, every freshwater angler worth his salt knows that UV paint finishes are the hottest things in fishing. That’s why NORTHLAND added UV paint to the Buck-Shot® lineup, increasing lure visibility by gathering and reflecting ambient ultraviolet light to draw increased attention from nearby predators.

“Cold-water spooning just got hotter by incorporating highly visible, UV-enhanced, optically-brightened finishes into the UV BUCK-SHOT® SPOON,” Roach adds. “Combined with the ticking, thumping and clicking attraction of the Buck-Shot® brass rattle, the colors, visibility and action of this spoon help me put more Crappies, Walleyes and Perch on the ice.” They’re available in three sizes-1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 oz.-and 6 brilliant UV forage patterns guaranteed to alert and convert “sighters” into biters. For a night and day difference, all year long.

NORTHLAND’S BUCK-SHOT®GLIDER SPOON and UV BUCK-SHOT® SPOON-just two of the hot new spoon sightings from the innovative folks at NORTHLAND Fishing Tackle.