Bring Everything You Need. Leave Your Troubles Behind.

Plano revolutionized the tackle storage business over 60 years ago with the creation of the first molded-plastic tackle box. Since then, Plano’s angling engineers have innovated one new tackle storage solution after another – many incorporating their industry-standard 3500-, 3600- and 3700-size StowAway tackle trays – giving anglers an unprecedented array of clever and componentized tackle storage and transportation options based on their specific fishing objectives and needs.

Today, Plano’s unrelenting innovation continues to be guided by the singular goal of helping anglers to fish cleanly. That means creating tackle storage products that increase efficiency, eliminate common tackle pain points, and allow for nearly infinite personalization.

“Plano’s goal is simple to describe, but challenging to execute,” says Plano Synergy Vice President of Marketing, Pete Angle: “Provide a diverse and innovative collection of tackle storage products to help anglers stay organized, protect their gear, catch more fish and, ultimately, maximize their enjoyment on the water.”


Time is precious, so efficiency in tackle organization and storage is important to both professional and recreational anglers alike. The fact is, neither have as much time on the water as they’d like.

Plano has made it their mission to provide a comprehensive array of products that help anglers organize and understand what they have, so they can find it fast and catch more fish. The industry-standard StowAway tackle tray has been an integral part of this delivery system, but all of Plano’s products are engineered and constructed for maximum efficiency. Because, sometimes, a few more casts can make all the difference.

Guide Series Top Rail Detail

Tackle storage shouldn’t be a pain

Plano’s engineers do more than sit in front of computers. They also fish… a lot. They bring and use what they design. Sometimes they take the other guys’ stuff, too.

These firsthand experiences – along with continual input from one of the largest pro staffs in the fishing industry – yield a keen understanding of the good, bad and ugly aspects of tackle management. Stuck or failed zippers; broken D-rings; failed handles and straps, moisture infiltration: These are the kinds of things that can kill a tackle bag – or its valuable contents – before its time. Innovative solutions that reduce or eliminate these tackle pain points ensue. Zipperless designs, Hydro Flow bases and ever-evolving materials and manufacturing methods are a few examples of the ongoing parade of improvements and refinements that have elevated Plano products to elite status. It’s also why the majority of all tackle boxes and bags that have ever been sold bear the Plano trademark.

Fish how you want to fish

No two anglers are the same. They express their unique identities by employing specific techniques and different tackle to target their favorite species of fish in diverse waters. They have different tastes, too, selecting specific tackle storage products that not only meet their needs, but also appeal to their individual senses of style.

Plano makes tackle storage products that empower anglers to fish how they want to fish, which means providing the widest array of products across a broad spectrum of unique and distinctive lines, along with interchangeable components that mesh perfectly with any angler’s preferred Plano tackle storage system.

Leadership reinforcement

Plano products are category leaders, used and trusted by guides and professional anglers, fishing’s true ambassadors. The company’s commitment to its extensive and far-reaching pro staff and field staff is a reflection of how consumer-purchasing decisions are often made – at the grassroots level. What the pros use matters, and in the case of Plano products, the reasons they’re used are both compelling and credible.

In today’s era of instant communications, Plano believes in maintaining a direct dialogue with its customers. An astounding quarter-million fans follow the brand on Facebook, while a lifestyle-focused consumer E-newsletter keeps anglers on the forefront of product and industry news and information.

“Whether we’re talking with our customers at in-store pro staff seminars, consumer shows, fishing tournaments, other sponsored-events, or on social media, Plano invests extensive amounts of time and money helping to create more informed consumers,” says Plano Synergy Marketing Manager – Fishing, Christina Wiese. “These efforts certainly keep us in touch with our customers and result in increased satisfaction on their part, but it’s this grassroots dialogue in support of superior engineering that ultimately helps drive continued sales and keeps the Plano brand positioned as the industry standard.”

It’s now, it’s wow!

Plano’s Z Series includes the Technical Tackle Backpack

With the 2016 International Convention of Sportfishing and Allied Trades (ICAST) show right around the corner, Plano’s engineering, marketing and sales teams are busy procuring product samples, scheduling photo shoots, educating sales staff, and producing copy and advertising materials relative to their significant new-for-2017 product offerings. A totally redesigned Guide Series and an all-new Z-Series of Technical Tackle Bags are about to be unveiled.

Headlined by 3500, 3600, 3700, and 3700 Hydro Flow models, Plano’s 2017 Guide Series of soft tackle bags has been re-engineered from base-to-lid. Plano’s perennial best sellers will now incorporate the company’s brand-new Utili-Tackle Rail System – a smart, molded base and lid system that provides seemingly endless attachment points for fishing accessories, as well as bag tie-down. Additional improvements have been made to these new Guide Series Bags, which provide new levels of tackle flexibility, the ability to carry all essential gear, and the versatility to accommodate all types of fishing.

Brand new for 2017, Plano’s Z-Series of Technical Tackle Bags have been described as the most reliable tackle bags ever produced. Employing a new, high-performance Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) waterproof fabric and completely zipper-free designs, Z-Series 3600 and 3700 Technical Tackle Bags, Technical Tackle Backpack, and Technical Wrap successfully address the most common design shortfalls that limit performance and shorten the lifespan of many other soft tackle bags. These premium bags provide durable, weather-endurable tackle protection, high-performance aesthetics and simplified, zipperless access for extended service in both fresh and saltwater applications. The 3600 and 3700 Z-Series Technical Tackle Bags will also feature the new Utili-Tackle Rail System base.

The improved Guide Series, new Z-Series and other innovative new Plano tackle storage products will be unveiled at ICAST next month, and are expected to be available to consumers in December of 2016 or January of 2017.

For the past six decades, Plano has focused on innovating and elevating tackle storage and management so anglers can find more success on the water while making the most out of every precious outing. Bring everything you need, but leave your worries behind. Know what you have, and find it fast. That’s what it means to fish clean. Today, Plano manufactures and sells over 200 distinct tackle storage products, each painstakingly designed to help anglers protect their passion with innovative, user-friendly function and pride-inspiring style. Learn more at