Braid Products, Inc. Announces Its New Popping and Jigging Leaders

Palmdale, CA — Popping and Jigging Leaders — Braid Products, Inc. is officially announcing its very own popping and jigging leader selection. Boasting an impressive test assortment, these leaders are perfect, not only for all types of popping and jigging, but to be used in conjunction with Braid’s new poppers.

The Leader’s Quality

As heard on the radio show, Let’s Talk hook Up on 1090AM, Braid’s popping and jigging leaders come in various lengths as well as test ratings. With these new popping and jigging leaders, simply attach it onto mono or spectra and then wind it on to your rod. The popping leaders have a unique special mono “weave” that adds to the shock and toothy durability of the leader while still maintaining the flexibility of single strand mono. The added weave higher on the leader protects the leader from rod tip wear caused by hours of casting. Jigging leaders work the same as popping leaders but with the shorter “weave” just for jigging.

The Leader’s Specifications

Popping leaders are available in two different lengths and six different tests. In popping leaders, the lengths are 7’6” and 8’6”. They are available in tests from 40# to 150#.

Jigging leaders are available in one length of 6 feet. Jigging leaders come in tests from 40# to 150# as well.

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