BOOYAH Rewrites Your Fishing Playbook

Fort Smith, Ark. – BOOYAH Bait Company is set to introduce the next generation of fishing rigs at the upcoming ICAST show in Las Vegas, Nev. The new BOOYAH series gives anglers the ability to use a crankbait on a castable umbrella rig, and cast lightweight lures long distances on baitcasting gear. It allows you to fish crankbaits at any depth, and keep them in the strike zone nearly 100 percent of the cast. It also gives you the ability customize your presentation to fish any lure you want at any depth, all the while displaying the “bait-chase” characteristic that made castable umbrella rigs one of the most effective fishing techniques in history. Plus, the new BOOYAH series is legal everywhere you fish.

The new series from BOOYAH Bait Company is the next logical step in fishing, and rewrites your fishing playbook by erasing all of the hard-and-fast rules you grew up learning. Now, those running depths listed on crankbait packages mean nothing at all. Now you can cast ultralight lures long distances and fish them at any depth. Now you can run a lipless crankbait on your castable umbrella rig. Now you can fish a shallow-running crankbait on bottom in 30-feet of water. Now you can create your own personal spinnerbait, equipping it with anything from a weightless Texas-rigged swimbait for shallow water to a deep-diving crankbait or weedless jig for deeper fishing.

Now, the only limit is your imagination. Look for more information on the new BOOYAH Bait Company series of products coming soon.