Bill Dance Slips Garmin Trolling Motor Debut on Facebook Live

MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Rumors surrounding a Garmin trolling motor have been swirling for months with no official confirmation from the company. Today, that confirmation appears to have come from an unlikely source: fishing legend Bill Dance. 

Dance, a Garmin Pro Staff member, posted a Facebook Live video from a promotional video shoot near his home outside of Memphis, which touts the “Garmin Force” trolling motor before abruptly cutting out. The video, which posted with no comment or caption does not specify a launch date and appears to have been posted in error.

The video corresponds to an on-the-water Garmin media event set for the week of ICAST, which FTR recently received an invitation to.

According to Dance’s video, that product name corresponds to the unreleased trolling motor.

When reached for comment, Garmin Media Relations Manager Carly Hysell was nonplussed.

“I can tell you we have a small creative team down in Memphis, with Bill, shooting a campaign for an upcoming product launch, but I haven’t been able to connect with anyone on location yet. Bill manages his own social channels so we have no control over what he shares. The best we can say right now is that we’re aware of it and we’re looking into it.”

Dance did not immediately respond to FTR requests for comment.