Big Rock: Women in Outdoors an Evolving Trend for Retailers

GRAHAM, NC—Based on a recent survey compiled by Big Rock Sports, LLC, 51 percent of outdoor sporting goods retailers in the US saw growth in their female customer group from 2013 to 2015. Moreover, 55 percent of retailers surveyed project an increase in their number of female customers this year and beyond.

Of the retailers surveyed, 85 percent report their female customers are purchasing fishing and shooting sports gear for themselves. Retailers are catering to this growing group of female sportsmen by carrying female-oriented products, launching social media promotions and offering classes and training for women.

The survey, administered by Big Rock Sports, questioned independent outdoor sporting goods retailers about female buying behavior, from online and in-person interactions to shopping habits. Of the many Big Rock customers surveyed, women comprised more than one-third of respondents.

Nearly half of the retailers polled, 49 percent, state their female customers’ sporting experience as “beginner”. However, only 34 percent offer classes or training for females.

In terms of reaching women, 68 percent of outdoor retailers conclude that their female customers learn about their business and in-store events through marketing and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

“Our research aims to deliver decision-aiding information to our customers,” Mitch Mitchell, Director of Marketing at Big Rock Sports, observed. “The women’s survey highlights a powerful trend reshaping our industry. We want our customers aware of, and acting on these opportunities.”

Other highlights of the survey include:
69 percent of outdoor retailers noted their female customers “ask more questions” than males
43 percent say that “look and feel” is the top purchasing criteria for females, followed by functionality and price
67 percent carry fishing equipment made specifically for women

Survey details are available to Big Rock Sports customers via Big Rock’s Sportsman magazine.