Big Rock: Outdoor Retailers Open to New Strategies

GRAHAM, NC—According to a new survey carried out by Big Rock Sports, LLC, 96 percent of outdoor sporting goods retailers in the US are willing to stock a product category they’ve never carried before to grow their business in 2015. Moreover, 67 percent of those retailers would replace products they’re stocking today in order to try out a new category.

These findings stem from an extensive survey of independent outdoor sporting goods retailers conducted by Big Rock Sports. The survey asked a variety of questions about growth strategies, from adding product categories and offering additional services, to better utilizing technology. Over 275 of Big Rock’s customers from around the US responded.

Results show that retailers use in-store events, social media and special offers as primary tactics for attracting new customers to their brick-and-mortar stores. Also noteworthy, 65 percent of respondents said they would be willing to offer instruction or classes, namely competitive and recreational shooting, concealed carry and freshwater fishing, to expand their customer base in the coming year.

“We strive to provide accurate, useful information to our customers that will help them make informed decisions,” stated Mitch Mitchell, Director of Marketing at Big Rock Sports. “This most recent survey is part of Big Rock’s efforts to expand our market research and generate more actionable insights for our customers.”

Other highlights of the survey include:

• 80 percent of outdoor retailers are willing to try social media to reach a new customer demographic

• 66 percent would provide repair services to generate additional revenue

• 45 percent are willing to offer guided fishing or hunting trips

• 91 percent would try a retail technology for the first time

• Three most popular technologies to try: social media, retail website, email marketing’

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