Bernie Schultz Goes Close Up with the New Rapala Shadow Rap

Last week, Rapala shed a wake in front of the Bassmaster Classic by announcing their new Shadow Rap. This week, anglers are scrambling to get their hands on one to see what the fuss is about. FTR caught up with Rapala Pro Bernie Schultz—one of the few anglers to cast the bait so far— at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Expo to find out what you should be telling customers about the Shadow Rap.

Schultz, an eight-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and one of the most notorious lure-junkies in the game, told FTR that fish in the tank and on the water were going crazy over the new lure. That sentiment was echoed by fellow pro Brandon Palaniuk, who told the crowd gathered at the Classic’s weigh-in on Day 2 that he had several good strikes on the lure that day.

Schultz says the Shadow Rap looks great and has outstanding action with very quick starting and stopping motions. Of course, the real test will be what your customers—anglers around the country—have to say about the new bait. Now, you’ll have something to tell them.

For a full breakdown on the Shadow Rap, including high resolution photos of the lure in several colors, see our official release from Rapala.