Berkley Unveils New Saltwater Hard Bait And Adds Sizes

Introducing the Drift Walker and new sizes for the Cutter, J-Walker, and Juke.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Packed with years of extensive testing and continuous innovation, Berkley’s line of saltwater hard baits allows anglers to excel on the water’s surface and at inshore depths with their newly released Drift Walker Saltwater and new sizes for the J-Walker Saltwater, Cutter Saltwater, and Juke Saltwater. With this diverse array of sizes and shapes, anglers can adopt a more strategic approach when targeting nearshore species.

The line not only enhances casting distance but also delivers unparalleled action with the design of each bait. This action is a proven magnet for even the most elusive predatory fish, ensuring a heightened level of angling success. Berkley’s complete selection of saltwater hard baits are also equipped with anti-rust Fusion19 3X treble hooks and stainless steel hardware to withstand corrosive marine environments.

(NEW) Berkley Drift Walker Saltwater: Ideal for those slick, calm days when you need a more finesse approach, the Drift Walker Saltwater provides a subtle action that will trigger even the wariest of fish. Constructed with a slim hydrodynamic profile, the lure produces a long walking stride to maximize time in the strike zone without moving forward, which is perfect to lure shy fish that won’t commit to other baits.

Available Sizes: 90mm • 110mm
MSRP: $9.99
Colors: Black Gold • Chrome • Clown • Pearl White • Pilchard • Black Silver • Mangrove Minnow • Chrome/Chartreuse • Pink Silver • Red Head 

Berkley J-Walker Saltwater: The J-Walker Saltwater features a sleek tail-weighted design that has been refined through countless prototypes to provide improved casting distance while their hydrodynamic shape, precision balance point, and resting position allow for an easy walk-the-dog action that has been proven on the water. To top it off, the J-Walker is equipped with Fusion19 hooks for a sticky sharp connection.

Available Sizes: (NEW) 90mm • 100mm • 120mm
MSRP: $9.99
Colors: Black Chrome • Black Gold • Blue Bullet • Bone • Mangrove Minnow • Mullet • Pilchard • Pinfish • Pinky • Red Head

Berkley Cutter Saltwater: The world-class bait design engineers at Berkley developed the Cutter Saltwater to imitate small baitfish found along coastal waters. Ideal for species like speckled trout and redfish, the Cutter delivers erratic rolling action and flash to deliver results in any fishing region. Stainless steel hardware and sticky sharp Fusion19 3x treble hooks meet the challenge and outperform in saltwater conditions.

Available Sizes: (NEW) 70mm • 90mm • (NEW) 110mm
MSRP: $9.99
Colors: Black Gold • Black Silver • Blue Bullet • Chrome • Chrome/Chartreuse • Clown • Pearl White • Pilchard • Mangrove Minnow • Pink Silver • Red Head • Mullet • New Penny • Redfish

Berkley Juke Saltwater: The Juke Saltwater is highly versatile. It can be cranked, twitched and trolled with lifelike movement, enticing strikes from a variety of fish. Its coffin-shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with limited rod movement. Features such as the flat baitfish profile and additional rattles create maximum attraction, making the Juke a unique and effective saltwater lure.

Available Sizes: 85mm • 100mm • (NEW) 128mm
MSRP: $9.99
Colors: Black Gold • Chrome • Clown • Pearl White • Pilchard • Black Silver • Mangrove Minnow • Chrome/Chartreuse • Pink Silver • Red Head • Blue Bullet • Mullet • New Penny  • Red Fish

The new saltwater inshore baits will be available this September. For more information about Berkley fishing, please click here.

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