The Back Slide

Berkley® Havoc® 4-inch Back Slide

“How do you stand out in a crowd? I’ve been asked this time and again. You stand out by doing your own thing and going against what is thought to be conventional. That is exactly what the folks at Berkley® and I have created with the HAVOC® 4-inch Back Slide.” states Mike Iaconelli.

The HAVOC Back Slide is an innovative soft bait concept utilizing Berkley’s new dual density technology. Iaconelli explains, “Well, what this means is there are two different densities of soft plastic material in one bait — achieved with higher salt content — causing the bait to be weighted more on one end than the other.”

Iaconelli continues “For me as an angler, this is huge. With more weight in the tail and a flat bottom the Back Slide is designed to allow the bait to glide backwards like a dying bait fish. This is critical when I am targeting fish under laydowns or behind thick brush in the summer months. I can throw the Back Slide toward the brush and it will fall behind the thick brush or at a laydown or dock with the same results. I like to rig it weightless on a 2/0 wide gapped hook and target tough to reach places.”

The Back Slide works best in areas that have thick vegetation and cover where the biggest bass hide ready to ambush prey. This unique stick-style bait also features moving kicker legs for added action bait.

These gliding baits come five to a package and an MSRP of $3.49. The color selection is unmatched as well. Available in 14 smokin’ colors, the Back Slide is perfectly designed to Unleash the Action.

The Back Slide

Baby Bass, Black, Blue Fleck, Chartreuse Pepper, Chocolate Brown, Cotton Candy, Cucumber, Goby Magic, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Milky Pumpkinseed, Smoke Small Black, Watermelonseed, White Small Silver

$3.49 for a resealable package of five