Bast Durbin Advertising hires Markos as full time Social Media Content Manager

SLINGER, Wisconsin – As part of their continued growth, Bast-Durbin Advertising has hired Niko Markos to fill the position of Social Media Content Manager. In this position, Markos will be responsible for day-to-day management of social media strategy and content for Bast-Durbin Advertising’s clients. Markos, already an industry veteran, excelled in his position as the Social Media Coordinator for The Sportsman’s Channel (TSC), prior to their relocation to company headquarters in Colorado.

“I managed social media for the most popular outdoor-specific TV network in the country and had working relationships with over 100 TV shows, as far as social media goes at TSC,” he said. “From posting, to creating compelling memes, to contests and analytics. I’m looking forward to bringing that knowledge and strategy to the current and future clients of Bast-Durbin Advertising. I left on great terms from TSC and they will continue to be a great ally in the future for this new opportunity. “

When Markos started at TSC, the company’s FACEBOOK page had 365,581 likes and when he left they had over 773,000.   During his time at TSC, Markos discovered significant methods, strategies and trends that delivered measurable results across multiple social media channels.

Bast Durbin Advertising specializes in the outdoors industry and have worked with such notable powerhouses as Kalin’s, ACME lures, Uncle Josh, Duck’s Unlimited, Name the Game TV, Lone Wolf Tree Stands, The Heater Body Suit, Mathews and dozens of other hunting and fishing-related manufacturers and services.

“We have always been high on traditional advertising vehicles and still believe in print, radio and TV advertising,” said Dan Durbin, co-owner of Bast Durbin. “But we knew that to really take the social aspect of our game up to a new level we wanted someone who specializes in social strategy.”

Co-owner, Jeff Bast, who currently manages social media strategy for existing clients of Bast-Durbin, has seen tremendous overall growth in the category and realized the need had come to bring in additional horsepower to meet the needs of the growth in social media.

“These days, social media strategy goes far beyond a simple post,” said Bast. “Timing, message, content structure, demographics, among other things, play into the overall engagement levels, which in turn, mean better branding and exposure. Niko’s knowledge across multiple social platforms, in coordination with our own ‘found’ strategies make for a VERY potent mix for Bast-Durbin clients.”

While Niko enjoyed his duties and the relationships he made at TSC, he is excited to make the move to Bast-Durbin Advertising, where he will have the opportunity to make an immediate contribution at an agency with owners and employees that have over 100-years of combined experience in the outdoors industry.

“I had worked with Bast and Durbin in the past through TV programs they currently manage and had always heard positive comments about their firm from people in the industry,” Markos said. “I can’t wait to grow the Bast-Durbin brand, as well as the current roster of clients. These guys know the industry from every angle; retail, distribution, manufacturing and of course marketing strategy. I’m excited to tap into their experience and use my own experience to help current and future clients. It’s a perfect synergy.”

For more information about Bast-Durbin Advertising please visit or call: 1-800-975-3474.