Bait Up: Meeting Every Angler’s Needs

Bait Up is an innovative and unique live bait container that allows anglers to quickly choose live bait without chasing them with a net. Its design also allows the angler to completely submerge the bait and replenish old stale low-oxygenated water without the loss of any live bait.

The innovation is something anglers can use year-round. Whether it is wading or walking, kayak or canoe, or ice fishing, Bait Up meets every angler’s needs.

  • No more carrying those large, bulky, and sometimes battery-operated bait buckets with you when you are wading or walking your favorite river, stream, or creek. The same thing goes with the limited space in a kayak or canoe, or while attending your ice fishing tip-ups.
  • No more reaching into a large bucket of icy cold water to search for bait fish. And no more need to empty out the water each time to easily retrieve a bait fish.
  • No more losing bait fish each time you need to replace old, low oxygenated water with fresh highly oxygenated water.

Breaking Down Bait Up

There are three basic components of the Bait Up container: the floating basket, dual lid design, and the durable clear container.

  1. Floating basket: Lifts bait out of the water instead of the angler searching through icy cold water for bait of their liking.
  2. Dual lid design: Select lid allows for quick and dry bait selection, while the fill lid eliminates bait loss when the angler needs to refresh low oxygenated water.
  3. Durable clear container: Allows the angler to constantly monitor live bait activity to determine when water needs to be refreshed.

Bait Up comes in two different sizes. Bait Up 20 is 7” tall x 3” round and Bait Up 35 is 8.5″ tall x 3.625″ round.

Bait Up 20

  • Size: 7″ tall x 3″ round
  • Holds: 20oz. of water and can carry smaller sizes or amounts of live bait.
  • Comes with: Lanyard

Bait Up 35

  • Size : 8.5″ tall x 3.625″ round
  • Holds: 35oz. of water and can carry larger sizes or amounts of live bait.
  • Comes with: Lanyard

Bait Up is available in-stores and online with capacity to ship bulk orders now. Bait Up is supplied by Productive Alternatives, a non-profit organization. Productive Alternatives has an extensive history of supporting the needs of businesses by delivering high-quality products at a more affordable price point. Manufacturing of products like Bait Up are done right here in the United States through Productive Alternatives’ Fergus Falls, MN facility. Since 1959 they have been creating jobs for individuals with unique circumstances.

Visit the online store to purchase Bait Up and browse their full range of products. For additional questions or to become a dealer, Contact Mike Burke at

About Productive Alternatives

Productive Alternatives, Inc. works together to transform lives and is committed to providing services of the highest quality. A non-profit social services agency, they have been serving Minnesotans since 1959 and have since been offering many different opportunities to individuals in their communities. Productive Alternatives creates a work environment that is open and welcoming to all different types of people, from all different backgrounds. Every product that is included in the product line at Productive Alternatives is produced and distributed by their own employees. When you make a purchase, not only will you be buying a quality product, but you will actually be helping to make life better for someone.