Alaskan Series

Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series and Arctic Ice™ Tundra Series

Its 2013 and one of the hottest products to hit the outdoor market this year is ice cold! Arctic Ice™ has sprung on to the market with two very cool product offerings for the outdoor enthusiast who needs to keep his cooler ice cold.

Arctic Ice™ Alaskan Series and Arctic Ice™ Tundra Series are re-usable “super cooler packs” that allow the outdoorsman to keep items cold or frozen all day, or longer, without the mess and waste of ice or dry ice. The unique ingredients in each series greedily absorb heat while maintaining a frozen state for prolonged periods of time, allowing for all day refrigeration. These units are also environmentally responsible. The active ingredient in each Arctic Ice™ Series is non-toxic, biodegradable and derived from the oils of plants – not petroleum or caustic salts. In addition to that they are re-usable for up to 100,000 times – that’s a lot of savings on ice!

The Alaskan Series offers its customers the opportunity to keep their refrigerated goods cold all day long or longer without any risk of freezing or mess from melted ice.

Alaskan Series

The Tundra Series brings a whole new concept to the avid outdoorsman-now you can realistically keep your baits or food frozen all day or longer without the hassle of dry ice. Tundra Series panels freeze in your freezer at around 5°F and, when used correctly, can keep items frozen for 48 hours or longer. Keeping bait or chum fresh frozen for offshore excursions just got easier!

Tundra Series

These new miracles for the cooler come in 4 convenient sized panels from .75 pounds for the lunchbox all the way up to an extra large 5-pound workhorse. They are made from rugged high-density polyethylene that will provide years of puncture proof service and are dishwasher safe. The manufacturers even provide a limited lifetime warranty against leakage!

The Arctic Ice™ Series are a promising innovation in an outdoor market that is always looking for a better way to keep things cool. Its great to see company come along and think outside to box, to keep things colder – inside the box!

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