Aqua-Vu Extends Support to NPAA

CROSSLAKE, Minn. — Within the angling universe, most enduring products begin as keen ideas conceived by hardcore fishing folks. Such has always applied to technologies by Aqua-Vu. Nearly twenty years ago, a cadre of professional guides and tournament anglers recognized the need for an underwater surveillance device—something that went beyond mere sonar signals to show anglers real-world views of the fish they sought.

Today, Aqua-Vu—creator and continued leader of the underwater camera category—returns to its roots, in a sense, backing the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA), and giving credit where credit is due.

“Thanks to all the hardworking folks who fuel our sport with passion and fresh, new ideas, Aqua-Vu continues to innovate valuable underwater viewing products for the everyday angler,” says Aqua-Vu President, Ben Gibbs. “We are proud to partner with the NPAA and all their sportfishing pros. It’s a terrific, truly professional organization that has done much to help cultivate the sport we love.”

“We are extremely proud to add Aqua-Vu to our family of fishing-industry partners,” says Pat Neu, NPAA Executive Director. “Aqua-Vu underwater cameras have been used by our members for many years, and this new partnership gives them direct access to the full Aqua-Vu product line, including all new innovations.

“NPAA members are avid anglers who share their knowledge about the sport of fishing daily as guides, tournament pros and angler educators. In turn, the general fishing public looks to our members for opinions and advice on products that can increase their enjoyment of the sport. Aqua-Vu underwater cameras fit perfectly within this model of innovation, early adoption and widespread angler acceptance.”

“Aqua-Vu has an exciting, unique story to tell,” adds Gibbs. “We look forward to the NPAA’s expert guidance and assistance in spreading Aqua-Vu’s message of underwater discovery, while we continue to engineer even better, more useful angling technologies.”

[divider]About the NPAA[/divider]

The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) is a non-profit, member based, association dedicated to the sport of fishing.  Its membership is comprised of professional guides, tournament anglers, angler educators and industry reps that are passionate about the sport.  NPAA membership ranks consist of anglers who have taken or are planning to take their passion for the sport to a level where their involvement in the sport can be considered a business.  The association’s mission is: “To support our members through education and networking in a manner that will contribute to their success as angling professionals and as an association of angling professionals, work to grow and protect the future of the sport of fishing.”  For more information about the National Professional Anglers Association, visit