Aqua-Vu expands popular line of hand-held underwater cameras

CROSSLAKE, Minnesota— While searching for fish with sonar, an unspoken uncertainty permeates the thought processes of anglers everywhere: The marks on my viewscreen look like fish, but how do I know they’re the right size… or even the right species?

Aqua-Vu® has been solving underwater mysteries and guiding anglers to livewells full of those “right fish” for two decades. The trend continues in 2015, as the leader in underwater viewing releases the Micro 5 PLUS, a powerful, portable and affordable viewing system that does one thing to perfection: Find the fish you want to catch.

Complete with a vibrant 5-inch color LCD and a patented high-resolution Micro camera, the Micro 5 PLUS delivers a crystal clear 1 million pixels of underwater real estate—live and in rich, realistic color.

The new tablet-sized viewing system also sports 100 feet of high-strength optical cable and both a viewing fin for slow trolling or drifting and a separate camera clip for use while ice fishing.

aquaviewunderwatercamerasActivating the new Micro 5 PLUS is as simple as flipping open the LCD cover/sunshield, which auto powers the unit both on and off. Touch-key operation and intuitive on-screen menus guide the user through screen adjustments and basic functions such as 3X Zoom, sleep mode and infrared lighting.

Built for use in a wide range of conditions and air temperatures down to at least -20 F, the Aqua-Vu Micro 5 PLUS also features an IP67-rated waterproof LCD case. Fitted with a petite yet powerful internal lithium-ion battery, the unit runs up to 7 continuous hours on a single charge. Battery charger is also included, as is an RCA video-out cable for displaying underwater video on larger TVs and video-in equipped sonar units.

While prefishing a recent National Walleye Tour event, pro angler Tommy Skarlis utilized an Aqua-Vu Micro camera to positively identify walleyes on a spot that ultimately yielded 2nd place fish. “The Micro is an awesome tool for verifying or disproving what I’m seeing on sonar,” said Skarlis.

“During practice, I could drop the camera and determine the species, size and position of the fish—and see the exact habitat or forage that was attracting them. The Micro gave me needed confidence to stay on a spot and work it, so I could extract precious bites and earn a nice big check.”

Skarlis vocalized another advantage of the camera-sonar connection: “By using the RCA video cable included with the Micro, and a little two-dollar BNC video adaptor, I can display a live video feed right on my big screen sonar unit. The color, resolution and daylight viewability are incredible. It’s also huge for instantly comparing sonar signals with Aqua-Vu video, and dropping GPS digits on the sweet spots.”

Beyond enjoyment, education and ease-of-use, the new Micro 5 PLUS offers extras such as a USB port for connecting to computers, tablets and other devices. Another Aqua-Vu exclusive, a 3X Digital Zoom feature, allows for examining fish and cover up close. Further, integrated adjustable IR lighting illuminates deep and dark water.

As an bonus, purchase of a Micro 5 PLUS or any Micro Series Underwater Viewing System qualifies buyers—October 1, 2015 through January 15, 2016—to receive a FREE Pro-Vu Custom Softcase and a 12v Auxiliary Battery Charger/Car Adaptor ($60 value). For more information, or to request a catalog, please visit