Aqua-Vu Engineers Affordable, Mini Underwater Camera System

Crosslake, Minn. – Citizens of the planet earth now digest their daily dose of intel—be it news, sports, goofy videos or friendly correspondence—via handheld devices. If it’s interesting or otherwise important, we expect it to magically appear on our little viewscreens. When we’re done gathering information and catching up with the world—hopefully not while behind the wheel—we simply slip the unit back into our pocket.

Among fishing folks, another ergonomic, palm-sized device has recently become a major part of the program. Similar to its smartphone lookalike, the new Aqua-Vu® Micro II underwater camera delivers incredible images directly to your fingertips. But instead of tweets and text messages, the Micro II displays valuable underwater video, revealing structure, fish and otherwise hidden hotspots in 100% real-time.

Engineered by the original underwater camera company, the Aqua-Vu Micro II is the most user-friendly and affordable mini underwater viewing system to date. It’s literally the only product of its kind, convenient and compact enough to fit into your pocket or tackle box.

“The Aqua-Vu Micro II is an amazing little device,” says professional angler Tommy Skarlis. “Sized to fit in your hand, this compact underwater camera helps me quickly and quietly see what’s happening below the surface. It instantly shows what kind of fish are in the area, and reveals the exact type of structure they’re holding on.”

Intuitive and always handy, finding fish with the Micro II is as simple as touching the “on” button and lowering the optics. Below the surface, a miniature camera the size of a bottle cap probes the depths to 50-feet without spooking a minnow. In boats, docks or on ice, anglers watch the underwater action unfold on a vibrant 3.5-inch color LCD. Powered by a tiny lithium-ion battery, the Micro II system runs nearly 7 hours continuously per charge (battery charger included). Priced as compact as its size, this mini viewing system provides a lot of fish-finding fun for under $250.

“The Micro II is an affordable and valuable fishing tool,” Skarlis affirms. “Whether I’m using it to prefish a tournament, to search for fish below the ice, or just to entertain kids, this cool little unit goes everywhere I go on the water. It’s definitely become part of my regular fishing routine.”