American Tackle Company Crowns MicroWave CastOff Champion

OVIEDO, FL  –  American Tackle Company recently announced professional carp angler Christophe Husson as the winner of the MicroWave CastOff Championship – which took place earlier this month at the World Carp Classic in Lac de Madine, France.

“The World Carp Classic is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of competitive angling”, stated American Tackle President, Joe Meehan “it is the perfect place to showcase the casting benefits of our MicroWave 50 guide sets” and “there’s no better way to do it than in a casting competition at a venue hosting the world’s best carp anglers.”

The MicroWave Championships are competitions which are held in conjunction with sportfishing industry events all across the globe”, said Darrin Heim, Vice President, American Tackle Company. The MicroWave CastOff Championship was a distance and accuracy competition where the field of 60 anglers present to fish in the World Carp Classic participated in the casting contest using official Century / Nick Bus designed MicroWave 50 CastOff rods. The final round saw the top five qualifiers casting for the title.


The target was a single flagged pin at a distance of 360 feet. Dan Paluch of American Tackle Europe said, “it was unbelievable that only a few feet separated the leader. These guys were incredible casters and all remarked how easy it was to target and cast the MicroWave guide rods”. With the finalists taking some of their best casts of the two- day event, Christophe earned his champion title with a set of three casts averaging a mere 7 feet from the pin. Andy Phillips of Team Spomb finished Second with Third Place going to Co Schijf with CoBRI.Noticeable rising U.S. brands have stepped forward with major sponsorship in order to increase the prominence of the 2015 MicroWave CastOff. This list includes; Enigma Fishing, Fitzgerald Rods, Carrot Stix, T. Allen Rods, Century Rods along with official reel sponsors Allen Fly Fishing and Wavespin Reels. 

Look for future competitions coming up at China Fish 2016, EFTTEX 2016 and the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.