Amazonian “Nut Cracker” Fish Caught in New Jersey Pond

It’s the fish with human-like teeth, and it’s been found in an American pond.

According to a report from AOL, the infamous “nutcracker fish”, which has a reputation for mistaking human body parts for its natural food source—tree nuts—was hauled up by Ron and Frank Rossi in Swedes Lake, N.J., on June 21.

“We pulled this thing up and we didn’t know what kind of fish it was,” said the elder Rossi. According to the reports, the fishermen discovered the pacu’s identity with a quick internet search.

Anglers might recall the pacu from Animal Planet’s River Monsters show. Pacu are known to grow up to three feet long and can weigh as much as 55 pounds in the wild.

Reports speculate that the pacu was released from a New Jersey aquarium before finding its home in Swedes Lake—a small, park lake near the Delaware River that, until this week, was known mostly for panfish.

This mysterious discovery in New Jersey waters joins an unusual goldfish invasion in Colorado, and a shark found in Alabama this year.