AFW Mighty Mini Madness

Coatesville, PA – AFW/Hi-Seas, manufacturers of the incredible line of Mighty Mini Crane Swivels, invites you to check out the “Mighty Mini Madness”. Read the incredible story of how we put these tiny marvels of terminal tackle to the ultimate test—fighting giant Bluefin tuna with the heaviest tackle and the highest drag settings! Read the full story.

Follow a group of adventurous anglers on a trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada, home to some of the largest Bluefin tuna on the planet. Read about the unlimited stand-up tackle they employed against these thousand pound beasts and the miniscule Mighty Mini Crane Swivel that was used at a critical juncture in the rigging process that made it the sole link between angler and the massive fish on the other end of the line.

The Might Mini Madness isn’t just about HI-SEAS products—it’s entertaining and educational for anglers of all types and ages. Written and photographed by noted outdoor writer/photographer Gary Caputi. It’s a lightning fast read that will bring you along on the trip of a lifetime to a place few anglers get to experience, to fish for the biggest tuna found anywhere in the world!

While you’re there, be sure to check out our high-performance line, wire and rigging products for tackling just about every sportfishing application. The most accomplished anglers across the sport use AFW/HI-SEAS products because we deliver unrivaled quality, reliability and performance.

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