Advantage Bait Gears Up for Expansion with New Products

Elk Grove, Ill. — Advantage Bait Company has announced plans to expand distribution of its premium, patent-pending spinnerbait line and recently added specialty jigs into the southeastern U.S., Midwest and other select markets for 2015.

“The South is an important market to us,” said Jason Schwartz, founder and owner. “The year-round bass fishing in states like Louisiana, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi make them prime targets. I think southern anglers have real appreciation for superior spinnerbaits and jigs.”

Schwartz built the company on a unique patent-pending Extreme Flash Technology (EFT) spinner blade that he developed at his custom metal fabrication plant.

“The etched blade is very unique,” he explained. “The blades are machine-etched on both sides of the blades, creating peaks and valleys in the finish. Traditional spinnerbait blades have a hot spot. But when the sun hits our EFT blade, it disperses light from the whole surface.”

Schwartz has also added stainless steel spring spacers to the blade arm to eliminate spacer breakage and enhance “slow roll” performance.

New for the 2014 season was the Advantage Swim Jig in Bluegill, TKO, Melonhead, Threadfin Shad, White Shad, Craw, and Ultimate Shiner colors.

“It has great parallel presence in the water,” notes Schwartz.

Capping the Advantage new product parade for 2014 was the Heavy Mat Jig in ½-, ¾-, 1- and 1-1/4-ounce models. The jigs are equipped with a double weedguard and Gamakatsu hook.

For information, see the Advantage Bait Co. website at; or phone 847-848-1314.