Acme Kastmster® XL Spoon Delivers Fast Action On The Troll

Dedicated lure fishermen know that trolling is a great way to cover water and intercept saltwater gamefish as they hunt for schools of bait. Acme’s popular Kastmaster® XL – a stretched version of the company’s venerable Kastmaster slab-sided spoon – is the perfect light-tackle weapon when targeting a variety of saltwater gamefish on the troll.

With four sizes and four prismatic colors to choose from, trollers can use Kastmaster XL to target bluefish, sierra mackerel, bonito, albacore, striped bass, salmon and more. With its unique shape and swimming action, the Acme Kastmaster XL is particularly deadly when predatory gamefish are feeding on smelt, sand eels, silversides, sand lance, candlefish, and other slender-bodied baitfish. To match local forage and conditions, anglers can choose from Kastmaster XLs in 2-1/4″, 3-1/2″, 4″ and 4-1/2″ lengths. Each features a jewelry-quality silver finish, combined with prism-tape accents in Blue, Green, Silver Chartreuse or Pink to match a variety of forage and catch fish under a range of light/water conditions.

The unique shape and swimming action of Acme’s Kastmaster XL lets anglers fish a wide range of trolling speeds effectively. It can be pulled quickly to entice savage hits from speedy predators like mackerel, tuna or bluefish, or fished slightly slower to tempt stripers. Trolling Kastmaster XLs at a slow-to-medium clip around schools of bait is also a great way to score on kings and coho salmon – especially when they are focused on sand lance, anchovies and other small prey. This lure is specially designed to maintain its swimming action at any speed, so trollers can feel free to experiment by speeding up and slowing down until they find what fish want that day. The versatile Acme Kastmaster XL is also great for vertical jigging, and smart anglers will “stop and drop” this spoon down into the strike zone when they see a tight school of bait or gamefish on the meter.

Whichever Acme Kastmaster XL you tie on, and however you fish it, you can rest assured this high-quality lure will stand up to all the punishment tough saltwater fish can dish out. Each lure features stainless steel split rings, built-in swivels and heavy-duty treble hooks that stay put during the line-burning runs, head shakes and aerial maneuvers of determined fish.

To find out more about catching fish with Acme’s Kastmaster XL, or the full line of Acme’s proven metal fishing lures for fresh or salt water, contact Acme Tackle Co. at 69 Bucklin St., Providence, RI 02907 · Telephone: (401) 331-6437 · Or visit online at: