Abu Garcia Turns 100

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A lot has changed over the past century, but in the sport of fishing, one brand has remained a mainstay for serious anglers worldwide who require innovative and high-quality rods and reels to pursue the fish they love. In 2021, Abu Garcia® observes an important milestone in the company’s history—its 100th anniversary—by looking to the future while also paying homage to a legacy that spans across continents and marks the foundation for many modern-day angling innovations.

Carl August Borgström founded AB Urfabriken in 1921 near the Mörrum River in Svängsta, Sweden. The onset of World War II in Europe led AB Urfabriken (ABU) to redirect its skills to the development of precision fishing reels used by anglers around the world. In 1984, the company changed its name from ABU to Abu Garcia when it merged with its U.S.-based distributor, Garcia. Along the way, the company built a reputation for excellence with products like Ambassadeur®, Record and Revo®.

“The history of Abu Garcia is unique, but it all started with an unwavering commitment to building the best fishing equipment possible,” said Abu Garcia Senior Vice President of Marketing Jon Schlosser. “We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, design and performance in the fishing world. Our rods are lighter and stronger; our reels are faster. Our commitment with every piece of equipment we produce is to make sure our gear continues to help anglers succeed for the next 100 years.”

Even while celebrating a century of success, Abu Garcia keeps its eyes fixed firmly on the future, looking for ways to marry strength and performance throughout its products by envisioning what fishing will look like—and where it will take place—decades from now. Anticipating angler needs and harnessing the power of advanced materials and engineering practices, Abu Garcia continues to make rods stronger without sacrificing sensitivity with lines like the Veritas® PLX. Abu Garcia reels recover line faster, cast farther and have smoother drags, as evidenced by the Rocket line, while the pursuit of gear that’s lighter and more durable never stops. It’s how Abu Garcia gives anglers what they need to fish to win, no matter whether they’re fishing for fun or for a living.

To mark its 100th anniversary year, Abu Garcia will bring special promotions to consumers, launch new and exciting product lines and deliver other anniversary-related activations that celebrate the sport of fishing, the company’s storied place in it and its vision for the future. For more information about Abu Garcia’s 100th anniversary and to see its lineup of industry-leading fishing equipment, go towww.abugarcia.com.