Syncro drag system

Abu Garcia® Alphamar™ Linecounter

Whether anglers choose to troll for salmon or go deep for walleye, they need an accurate line counter reel. The Abu Garcia® Alphamar™ Linecounter covers the gamut by giving anglers a reel they can count on when line management is of the utmost importance.

The Alphamar Linecounter includes a mechanical line counter that displays the amount of line out in feet. To make trolling with downriggers even easier, this reel also incorporates a highly adjustable syncro drag system.

Syncro drag system

The Syncro drag system works by cranking the handle 1/3 of a turn in a counterclockwise motion. When the handle is in this position, a 50 percent decrease in drag pressure is achieved. This feature is especially useful when using downriggers as it allows baits to be dropped easily without having to disengage the reel.

Once the baits are in the desired position, the handle can be cranked forward to resume normal operation.

The Alphamar LC utilizes a graphite frame and sideplates as well as a machined aluminum spool. These characteristics work together to deliver strength without adding unnecessary weight. Other features include a Carbon Matrix™ drag, extended throw handle, bent star and two stainless steel bearings.

The Alphamar 16 has a 4.7:1 gear ratio with a retrieve rate of 29 inches per turn of the handle. Line capacity is 370 yards of 15-pound monofilament or 415 yards of 40-pound braid. The 20 size has the same gear ratio and retrieve rate as the smaller 16 size, but offers a greater line capacity of 410 yards of 17-pound monofilament or 530 yards of 40-pound braid.

For the ideal combo, match this reel to the new Abu Garcia Vendetta Linecounter rod.

Alphamar 16

The Alphamar Linecounter has an MSRP of $99.95. For complete specifications and information on the new Abu Garcia Alphamar Linecounter and other products from Abu Garcia, visit

16 – 17.2 ounces
20 – 17.6 ounces

Gear Ratio
16 – 4.7:1
20 – 4.7:1

Graphite frame and sideplates

Carbon Matrix™