5 TED Talks That Will Raise Your Industry Awareness

Take your pick of industry events — ICAST, the ASA Summit, some of the bigger distributor shows—and you’ll find yourself not only surrounded by fishing industry familiars, but also in the eye of captivating keynote speakers. Speakers come in different shapes and forms — some from the world of fishing, others from the pillars of corporate capitalism. They all have one thing in common: they all have a message that can help you improve your business.

But you don’t have to buy a conference ticket to hear a keynote address that challenges, educates and informs. No, all you have to do is pay a little attention to the world around you, to the Technology, Education, and Design (TED) organization that regularly hosts forums across the globe. Here, in brief, are five TED Talks that can raise your global awareness of issues affecting the fishing industry today:

1. Could Fish Social Networks Help Us Save Coral Reefs?

Fish social networks allow the actions of one fish to spread to many fish. It’s one of the primary ways that fish learn where to eat on coral reefs. TED Fellow Mike Gil set up observation cameras underwater to learn more about how fish interact with one another, and the results are enlightening.

2. The Case for Fish Farming

Global sustainability experts say societies could collapse in the next 30 years if the world doesn’t dramatically increase its protein output. Currently, the oceans serve as the main source of protein for 2.6 billion people per day. Meanwhile, commercial fishermen are harvesting unsustainable quantities of fish from the oceans to feed the world’s growing appetite for protein. Here, Dutch conservationist Mike Velings makes the case for fish farming as a solution.

3. How China is Changing the Future of Shopping

China’s 500 million consumers are increasingly shifting to mobile purchasing, and retail expert Angela Wang explains how a shopping revolution is happening in China right now. That revolution, she says, revolves around the way people think about shopping is changing. Ultra-convenience, she says, is the new name of the game. Learn how Chinese apparel manufacturers are adapting to that future in small batch quantities of 30 or 40 orders at a time, while constantly adapting to social media feedback; and how Alibaba is delivering fresh fish and live Alaskan king crab 30 minutes after a mobile order is placed.

4. We’re Building a Dystopia Just to Make People Click on Ads

What’s behind the algorithms that Facebook, Google and Amazon use to get consumers to click on digital ads? According to techno-socioloigist Zeynep Tufekci, the artificial intelligence used to power these targeted shopping experiences are manipulating people in novel, subtle ways. Learn how data-capturing companies are using big data and machine learning to match your online data with your offline data.

5. What Makes Us Feel Good About Work?

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely explores the labor market to explain why people work and what motivates workers beyond money. What are the real fruits of labor? Ariely uses LEGOs and a behavior experiment to gain insight into human motivation.