5 Blogging Tips for Your Tackle Shop

You run a tackle shop, not a marketing firm. So why on Earth do you need a blog? And even if you have one, what do you blog about?

If you care at all about web traffic, your tackle store should have a blog. Why? Because it is affordable publicity. Because with your own blog, you can introduce new customers (potentially younger customers) to your store. And because with your own blog, you can get a leg up on competitors—including big box stores—in your area.

But hosting a blog on your website is one thing; keeping it updated is another, and if you don’t keep it updated, you lose many of the benefits of blogging in the first place. What’s a busy tackle store to do when writer’s block hits?

Here are a few savvy blogging topics from around the industry:

1. How-To Videos— You don’t have the time to write 500 words on the best way to fish summer grass mats at your local reservoir. But you probably do have a customer who’s willing to film a short how-to video for you on their phone. Take advantage of your regulars who want to be famous. You can upload a video to YouTube and embed it in a blog post, along with about 280 words to describe the video for a quick shortcut.

2. New Shipments— Show off that UPS package by opening the contents on film. This drives home that your store has the latest and greatest in stock now. The same YouTube rules apply here. Be sure to share the post on your social media outlets—and don’t forget to include an image with the post. Posts with images receive at least 50 percent more engagement than those without. Don’t have a YouTube account? You can upload video directly to Facebook and embed that on your blog as well.

3. Fishing Reports— As someone who sees local fishermen everyday, you’re in the unique position of knowing exactly what goes on in local waters day in and day out. Write a quick tackle report on a slow day. Google’s minimum word count for blog posts is around 310 words. You used to write more than that in elementary school: and you don’t even have to write in cursive this time.

4. Waterway News— What are the local authorities up to in your area? Help anglers keep tabs on the local wildlife resource agencies or even wider, regional policy implementations that directly affect waters your customers fish. Chances are, these policies will be discussed on social media anyway. Why not build the discussion on your own social media outlets by publishing a blog post about them?

5. Promotions— You’re having trouble moving that odd ball product from your shelves. It was cool in theory. When you ordered it, you were sure it would work for your customers, but nobody bought it so nobody knows. Run a package special with one of your best selling lures to get that sucker off of the shelves, but first tell everyone about it on your website. Hey, if they share the blog post on social media they might even get a discount, right?

You don’t have to be a marketing guru or a professional writer to blog. However, blogging is a marketing tool that you should take seriously. It’s an effective search engine results builder, social media tool and way to keep your customers engaged with everything going on at your store.

Don’t know where to start? Shoot us an email and we’ll guide the way.