45 Years of Fish Tales

Plano, IL – Veteran outdoor communicator Dan Galusha of Milan, Illinois has a resume so stacked with credentials and accolades that it takes four pages to fit them all in. That’s what happens when an outdoorsman dedicates himself to becoming a fixture in outdoor media for over four decades. The list of awards he has received include well over 200 fishing honors, of which sixteen are world records. Suffice it to say, he’s not only an accomplished outdoor communicator, he’s also one heck of an outdoorsman.  

Galusha’s impact as an outdoor communicator is especially notable in the Midwest. Possessing a comforting yet commanding voice that is immediately recognizable to anyone who has heard it before, his knowledge of the outdoors is boundless.

“I started in 1973 as a sales rep for Mr. Bass Lures out of Bull Shoals, Arkansas. In 1978, I jumped into the media world with the Milan Mirror newspaper and Midwest Outdoors magazine. Later, I got involved with TV, radio, seminars and then videos. I’ve been published in countless other newspapers and magazines over the years,” Galusha explains.

“A while back, I noticed Ranger Boats was going to celebrate a 50th Anniversary, so I started figuring out how many years I’ve been immersed in the outdoor/fishing industry and media. I assumed it fell somewhere around 40 or 43.  Well, in 2018 I will be celebrating my 45th year in the fishing world and my 40th with Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales.”

Galusha’s ultimate-goal was to make it to the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, but he always considered it more a dream than something that would really happen. However, thanks to the nomination from Ron Stallings of TTI-Blakemore, and the support from many others, the dream came true in 2012 when he received the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Legendary Communicator Award.

Galusha has collaborated with Plano and Frabill – two other legends from the fishing world – on many levels for several decades. During the 90’s, Frabill sponsored his TV and radio shows, and to this day Galusha maintains a coveted position on the Plano and Frabill pro staffs.

“My history with both companies goes back to when they were separate.  I first worked with Glen Simms and Bill Cork at Plano. With Frabill, I started with the owner, Jeff Marble, and promotions manager, Mark Gostisha, at the time. When I first started with Frabill, the company was still handling terminal tackle and had just started to manufacture ice shelters. So, my association with both companies has lasted through close to 30 years of my media work,” Galusha says.

“I can remember when Glen sent me a Plano 777 tackle box to use when I was going to film some shows with Virgil Ward in 1984.  He always wanted me to have the most current gear. I still have that box in the storage shed,” Galusha recalls.

“Dan Galusha has been a long-time supporter of Plano and Frabill across all of our product categories including ice, fishing and shooting, as well as a well-known figure in the outdoors industry. He also devotes many hours each year to youth education and growing our sport. We are proud to have him as a member of our pro-staff,” says Plano Synergy Fish Brands Marketing Manager, Chris Russell.

If you’ve been paying attention to Dan Galusha, it’s obvious he knows a little something about working as an outdoor communicator. He has some sage advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in outdoor media: “Stay in school and learn as much about writing and speaking as possible, yet develop your own style by being yourself. Know your choice of outdoor subjects firsthand by gaining as much experience as possible,” he advises.

“Don’t start every paragraph with “I”, be professional, but have fun with it. And always pass along good information to the audience. Be ready to sacrifice a lot, maybe even write for free to get started, and don’t plan on making a fortune – perhaps not even a living or actual career in outdoor media. If you love your outdoor subject – whether it by fishing or shooting as with myself – or anything else, your audience will pick up on that fact, and stay with you throughout your career.”

In 2018, Galusha will be celebrating the first anniversary with the sister of Fish ‘N’ Tales®, Shoot ‘N’ Plink™. Both series of videos can be viewed on the Dan’s Fish ‘N’ Tales® YouTube channel.