Zippo Introduces New Rugged Lantern™

ZIPPO – Engineered and built with durability, performance and reliability in mind, the Rugged Lantern addresses many shortcomings found in traditional LED outdoor gear.

Outdoorsmen value LED lights because they don’t cause fires or emit terrible odors. However, LED lanterns are inherently delicate and rarely last more than one season. With this in mind, Zippo built its new Rugged Lantern to be one of the most durable on the market. A metal support cage and rubberized corners cushion the blow from everyday use and thanks to its design; the lantern can survive drops up to five feet. The Zippo Rugged Lantern, which can float if knocked into water, is designed to withstand the elements by meeting IPX7 industry standards for water immersion. Through it all, the lantern shines bright and gives users the ability to control the brightness from 100% (high) to 50% (medium) to 10% (low). The Rugged Lantern draws power from a rechargeable lithium ion battery and offers a battery life runtime of more than 40-hours, 15-hours or 10-hours at the low, medium or high brightness settings respectively. For added safety and peace of mind, the Rugged Lantern also incorporates a flashing S.O.S. feature should an emergency arise in camp or out in the field. A flexible and detachable pop-up handle lets owners hang it on tree branches or carry the lantern anywhere.

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