Zipper Worm Company of Enid, Oklahoma has sold the company’s business and assets to Fishing Complete, Inc., of Prudenville, Michigan, owners of Case Plastics ( and developers of the original O’Wacky Tool. Zipper Worm Company soft plastic baits have won more tournament money in a shorter period of time than any other soft plastic bait


After the sale, Curt Johnston, President of Zipper Worm Company shared:
“Dear friends, customers, and pro-staff, I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives for the past 3 years, and for your faithful input. My wife Sue has had some medical issues which were very serious and life threatening. She is well today due to God’s wonderful mercies. Frankly speaking, I was shaken. This had a lot to do with my decision to sell the company. In making this decision, I wanted to make sure that Zipper Worm Company went to a good and reputable company. My trusted friend, Jeri Toner, helped make this happen. Jim Jackson and Tom Taylor, owners of Fishing Complete, are two very fine gentlemen who know the business and will be very successful with the Zipper Worm Company product line. During this time of transition to new ownership, there will be opportunities to purchase some of our current product inventory at tremendous savings. More information will follow on the ( website. My thanks to Jeri and Nick Dippold for their hard work and support of the Zipper Worm Company.”

Speaking on behalf of Fishing Complete, Inc. Co-Owner Tom Taylor commented:
“We are very excited to add the Zipper Worm product portfolio to our line-up of proven fish catching baits. This acquisition gives us a larger, stronger market presence in many areas of the country and compliments the Case Plastics product offering. Zipper Worm and Case Plastics will continue to be run as separate companies, under Fishing Complete, Inc. Our short term plans for the Zipper product line include a redesign of the brand image, enhancing the color selection of all bait designs and the strengthening of our distribution network.”

The sale will be completed by December 31, 2012

Media Inquiries:
Tom Taylor, Fishing Complete, Inc. 734-788-1038
Jim Jackson, Fishing Complete, Inc. 734-258-1517