Zebco Legend’s House for Sale

Six million dollars. If you’ve got it, you can own a house shaped like a fishing reel. Or, at least that’s the story out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Zebco legend R.D. Hull’s home is for sale.

Jasper R. Dell Hull (1912-1977) was a watch maker and barber—like all true Renaissance men— who invented the spincast fishing reel in 1947. He pitched the design to potential investors as being “backlash-free.” And when he reached a deal with the Zero Hour Bomb Company, it took them out of the oil-blasting industry and into the halls of fishing history. Hull’s reels would go on to introduce millions of anglers to the sport. (Seriously, who didn’t catch their first fish with a Zebco reel?)

In 1949 the Zero Hour Bomb Company introduced “The Standard”, soon to be followed by the model 22 and model 33. In 1956, the company changed its name to Zebco, and in the six decades since, Zebco has become one of the most powerful brands in fishing.

Hull lived to see much of his invention’s success, and in 1970, he decided to reward himself with one of the most unique architectural designs of the 20th century: a jaw-dropping, personalized home (allegedly) built to resemble a fishing reel.

If you look closely, you can kind of see it…

The five bedroom palace features seven bathrooms, a boat dock, an indoor pool and enough stonework to make Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room look like a city park.

Hull’s property is the second historic fishing compound to hit the auction blocks this year, joining B.A.S.S. founder Ray Scott’s private estate in rural Alabama as a fascinating glimpse into the results of fortunes won in the fishing industry. And its price tag, at $6 million, is significantly higher than the $3.4 million asking price for Scott’s estate.

This 12,000 square-foot home can be yours … if the price is right.

See for yourself:

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