Zebco and Quantum Team With Apex Outdoor Sales

DALLAS— More than any time in recent memory, anglers are heading to the water in search of solace, family time, and of course, a few fish. Before a cast is ever made or a hero shot posted to social media, however, these same anglers are critical consumers, scouring the retail aisles in search of the fundamental equipment for angling. Few brands are more synonymous with fishing than Zebco; indeed, even the most passionate, experienced anglers often trace their introduction to our favorite sport – and some of their most treasured memories – to a Zebco combo. With fun on the water becoming a central activity for so many new anglers across the country, Zebco and Quantum have selected Apex Outdoor Sales – an independent sales agency specializing in all things outdoors – to represent the brand in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

“I grew up around Corpus Christi, Texas in a fishing family,” notes Vanessa Downey, Principal and Key Accounts Manager of Apex Outdoor Sales,” and as an adult, I’ve renewed the love of fishing that filled my childhood with happy memories. If you’ve spent any time on the water in recent months, then you know that fishing is enjoying a dramatic surge in interest and participation, making this the perfect time to add Zebco and Quantum – true heritage brands in the industry – to our diverse portfolio of outdoor brands and specialty products.”

Vanessa Downey

Headquartered in Texas, Apex Outdoor Sales has built a dominating presence in the south-central United States outdoors marketplace, focusing on key brands and products demanded by campers, hikers, and kayakers. “People gearing up for a hike, a paddle, or a week in the woods are our key consumers,” remarks Downey. “Water plays a central role in nearly all of these trips, and we want those same outdoors enthusiasts to tussle with a few fish – whether it’s for a fish fry over the campfire or simply bragging rights among good friends. Zebco and Quantum products are, quite simply, the perfect way to get these outdoors-centric consumers hooked on fishing!”

“When I think about Zebco,” continues Downey,” I think about it being the first brand that many anglers encounter as they weave a love of fishing into the fabric of their lives. Zebco rods, reels, and combos have come a long way since the first spincaster was introduced in 1949 – but their ease of use, versatility, and reliability have endured. Whether our regional consumers are chasing crappie or bass, catfish or even trout, Zebco offers the products they need, at a price point that everyone can appreciate. Quantum products build on Zebco’s strong foundation, giving anglers access to new technologies and advanced engineering that help to build strong brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime. We are excited to represent both of these outstanding brands and their extensive product catalogs.”

“My goal in adding Zebco and Quantum to our portfolio,” asserts Downey,” is to demonstrate to our customers that a rod & reel plays an essential role in their outdoor adventures – whether it’s an off-the-grid week in the mountains or just a stroll to the neighborhood fishin’ hole. Many of the campers, hikers, and kayakers that represent our core market haven’t been exposed to the full force of the fishing industry’s marketing machine, providing Apex Outdoor Sales with a unique advantage: we can position Zebco and Quantum products as ‘don’t leave home without them’ necessities, much like the backpacks they carry, or the shoes, socks, and sunglasses they wear.”

Apex Outdoor Sales is proud to announce their partnership with Zebco and Quantum, and is excited to grow the brands’ influence and market penetration across the south-central United States. Learn more about Apex Outdoor Sales by visiting them on the web, or contact Vanessa Downey at VDowney@ApexOutdoorSales.com for more information.