Z-Man’s New-for-2014 Product Lineup

LADSON, SC Capitalizing on the continued media interest, tournament successes, and consumer demand that its 2013 new products have garnered, Z-Man Fishing Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that it will unveil eight new products at this year’s ICAST show in an effort to continue rounding out and deepening the company’s proprietary ElaZtech® soft plastic bait line. These new offerings are the result of Z-Man’s continued commitment to working with its top-tier pro staff and utilizing the most innovative technology available. Each bait has been created to fit specific fishing situations and techniques, and all of the new soft plastics are non-toxic, delivering the lifelike action, incredible durability, and outstanding fish-catching performance that Z-Man is known for.

“We really listened to our customers and pros this year when identifying new baits to launch,” states Z-Man General Manager and Executive Vice President, Daniel Nussbaum. “In addition to rolling out four completely new ElaZtech baits—Turbo CrawZ, DieZel MinnowZ, Scented LeechZ and Scented PogyZ—and two new non-ElaZtech baits—QuadZilla and ShroomZ JigheadZ—we’re also adding new sizes to our popular Scented Jerk ShadZ and GrubZ ElaZtech baits and dozens of new colors to items within our existing product line. Our goal is to provide anglers with a complete assortment of the most durable, lifelike and fish-catching baits possible for all situations.”

Unparalleled softness, action, and ElaZtech durability merge to create the most bulletproof swimbait on the market. Inspired by Z-Man’s renowned 3″ MinnowZ, freshwater and inshore anglers alike will find that the DieZel MinnowZ’s hook slot provides easy rigging and problem- free hooksets, while its dorsal fin doubles as a hook point pocket, increasing weedlessness. Bass anglers can present it on umbrella rigs, as a swim jig or ChatterBait trailer, or solo as a swimbait, while inshore fishermen can rig it on a Z-Man 4/0 JigheadZ for a lifelike baitfish presentation.

“The new DieZel MinnowZ may very well be the best ElaZtech bait we’ve ever made,” comments Nussbaum. “It’s an extremely versatile baitfish imitator and has a place in the tackle box of just about every freshwater bass or saltwater angler on either coast. Unlike most other swimbaits on the market, the tail thumps on even the slowest retrieves because the material is so soft, yet it won’t roll over when it’s burned fast. The extreme durability and value of this bait is really just a bonus. Our 3″ MinnowZ is hands-down our most popular soft bait worldwide, and I think the action and versatility of this bait are even better.”


Adaptive, versatile fishermen will find the Turbo CrawZ to be the ultimate swim jig or ChatterBait trailer, as well as a deadly soft plastic companion whether Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, flipping, or buzzing the top. Incredibly durable and lifelike, the bait’s specially designed Turbo ClawZ thump at even the slightest rod movement or reel crank. As important, Z-Man’s super buoyant ElaZtech material allows the ClawZ to rise up off the bottom in a natural defensive posture.

“When conditions call for a crayfish imitator, Z-Man’s new Turbo CrawZ are my go-to soft plastic,” comments FLW Tour angler and Z-Man pro, Luke Clausen. “I fish them in a number of ways—as a jig or ChatterBait trailer, solo on a football head or Carolina rigged—and really love their versatility. Better still, they produce an unparalled kicking action that bass just can’t resist.”


Anglers seeking to mimic inshore forage like menhaden, pinfish, threadfin, pilchards, croakers, or shad will soon make the Scented PogyZ their new go-to bait. Designed to be fished on upright-swimming ShroomZ JigheadZ or weighted swimbait hooks, the PogyZ’s deep profile, segmented body, and teardrop-shaped paddle tail create a tight, lifelike wiggle when retrieved. The addition of 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel scent results in a bait that entices more violent strikes and longer holds.

“I’ve utilized Z-Man’s new 3″ PogyZ on several recent backcountry fishing outings, each time experiencing unbelievable results,” remarks Captain C.A. Richardson, Flats Class TV host and Z-Man saltwater pro staffer. “This bait perfectly emulates the profile of baitfish, particularly those that like to warm themselves in marshes and back bays during the cooler months. The PogyZ’s smaller 3″ size and segmented body allow me to slow roll it, yet, at the same time, make it look active with lots of realistic motion. It’s extremely easy to skip under mangroves and docks where snook and redfish hunt. Quite simply, the Z-Man PogyZ is a go-to profile for saltwater anglers in virtually every estuary setting!”


Sporting bulbous tails, ribbed bodies and textured, lifelike bellies, the new Scented LeechZ are anything but your ordinary drop-shot baits. While 10X Tough ElaZtech construction reduces tearing when nose hooked, the bait’s outstanding buoyancy and incredibly soft material will elicit tail rises and dances, even on slack line. Equally effective when rigged on a jig for bass and walleye, LeechZ are scented with 100% natural Pro-Cure Leech Super Gel to simulate the real McCoy.

“I’ve been a big proponent for the development of Z-Man’s LeechZ as a unique, new-for-’14 drop-shot bait offering,” says David Walker, perennial B.A.S.S. standout angler and Z-Man pro. “ElaZtech’s durability and buoyancy make it the perfect material for nose hooking drop shot rigs, particuarly in midwestern and northeastern fisheries where smallmouth normally make up the bulk of an angler’s bag. LeechZ will be an ideal forage representation, and they’re sure to produce a unique action that the smallies won’t be able to resist. I can’t wait to get my hands on them, and am confident they’ll be a dynamite bait— and addition to Z-Man’s growing ElaZtech lineup.”


An upsized version of its incredibly popular, 5″ little brother, the 7″ Scented Jerk ShadZ are deadly search and reaction baits for stripers, bull reds, snook, tarpon, cobia, yellowtail and musky. When a more deliberate technique is required to entice lower-water-column feeders, they’re equally effective when used in a variety of deeper jigging applications. Salt-impregnated for a controlled, slow sink, Jerk ShadZ’s 100% natural Pro-Cure Super Gel scent produces a smell and taste fish just can’t resist.

“Offshore fishing is popular here in Australia, and Z-Man’s 5″ Scented Jerk ShadZ and 8″ StreakZ XL have already accounted for a comprehensive collection of trophy-sized offshore species,” remarks Gareth Williams with Tackle Tactics Pty Ltd, Z-Man’s exclusive distributor for ElaZtech plastics in Australia. “The new 7″ Scented Jerk ShadZ fits nicely in between these two models, and will be dynamite on a wide range of offshore and reef species, especially snapper, one of our most popular target species.”


A finesse addition to the highly successful GrubZ lineup, Z-Man’s new 2″ offering is the perfect tool in any cold-water trout or panfishing arsenal. Regularly out swimming and outlasting any other grub on the market, its super-thin tail produces an incredible action, even when presented on ultra-light jigheads or low-diameter monofilament.

“The Z-Man 2.5” GrubZ has had a massive impact on Australian tournament bream fishing, accounting for a wealth of victories since its inception,” comments Williams. “This success has led to daily requests from Australian anglers for a finesse version of the GrubZ, and it has been fantastic to be involved with the Z-Man team in the development and testing of this new product. The Australian market will welcome the release of the new 2″ GrubZ, an ElaZtech bait that is sure to continue dominating when the fish are finicky and the bite is tough.”


Z-Man’s revolutionary QuadZilla emulates the look of a school of baitfish without the weight, cost, and hassle of an umbrella rig. Keeled to run upright and true on every cast and far more weedless than multihook rigs, it’s also light enough to be used with spinning tackle or in shallow water to suit the needs of amateur anglers, or those who wish to use lighter tackle. Finally, the matching silicone head slides up and down the spinnerbait arms for easy collapsibility and storage when not conquering the host of monsters it does battle with!

“The QuadZilla is a great compromise when you want the attentiongetting features of an umbrella rig but don’t want to wear your arm out throwing one,” comments Z-Man National Sales Manager, Glenn Young. “The four willow leaf blades definitely get noticed and the central spinnerbait body creates an easy target for pursuing fish. And, the addition an ElaZtech trailer like the MinnowZ or StreakZ makes it even more tantalizing. It’s very easy to cast and the collapsible design allows it easily fit in my tackle box when I’m done with it.”


Designed specifically for use with Z-Man’s new Scented PogyZ soft plastics, ShroomZ JigheadZ tout a mushroom-shaped head that fits snugly against accompanying baits for a more seamless and natural appearance than a standard round jighead. Built around a strong Mustad black nickel saltwater jig hook with 60-degree eye bend for perfect swimming action every cast, ShroomZ are finished off with Z-Man’s unique, no-slip barbed keeper system to hold ElaZtech baits securely, cast after cast and fish after fish.

About Z-Man Fishing Products
A bold, dynamic, Charleston, SC-based company, Z-Man Fishing products has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers for over 25 years.

Z-Man has long been one of the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material. But, even though the company’s Original ChatterBait® was creating stir on the major bass circuits, only a handful of pros associated Z-Man with this tournament-winning lure.

Today, however, all that is changing. Every day our amazing 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics are gaining momentum among the world’s premier fresh- and saltwater baits, helping make them the fastest-growing lure brand in America.