Z-Man Finesse Shroomz and Project Z Jigs

In Part 2 of FTR’s Z-Man 2014 rollout, we take a look at the Finesse Shroomz and Project Z Jigs to answer the question—what the heck is a Finesse Shroom?

Answer? It’s a jig head.

Designed to be paired with the Finesse T.R.D.—as well as other proven Z-Man baits like the Finesse ShadZ™ and Hula StickZ™ —to create the perfect Ned Rig, the Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads sport a custom wire keeper welded onto the hook shank that not only makes rigging a breeze, but holds ElaZtech baits securely without the need for gluing. Offered in custom 1/15, 1/10, and 1/6 ounce weights specified by top anglers for various finesse presentations, the Finesse ShroomZ are built around premium, high carbon black nickel hooks with a head shape that blends seamlessly with small finesse baits. The unique keeper, coupled with the extreme durability of 10X Tough ElaZtech, creates a near-bulletproof package that will tempt fish-after-fish for hours on-end without the need for re-rigging.

“The Ned Rig is the best way I know to catch numbers of fish in a wide array of species and size ranges,” exclaimed Luke Clausen, Z-Man pro and former Bassmaster Classic and Forrest Wood Cup champion. “There’s no doubt that it’s a great way for anglers of all ages and skill levels to catch more fish and have more fun, but I’ve seen my competitors on the tournament trail use it enough times to catch quality fish in tough conditions that it will always be part of my tournament arsenal.”

ZM15_New ProductZ_Release.indd

Z-Man’s National Sales Manager, Glenn Young, feels the same way about this technique that is garnering more popularity. “The Ned Rig is a proven fish-catcher when other techniques simply aren’t working at all. I’ve personally seen it produce bass in crystal clear shallow water where other baits got ignored, in deeper water, and in areas just fished by other anglers. It’s a great system for novice anglers since there’s really not much to it and will keep their rods bent all day. It’s also an amazing tournament tool for experienced anglers who need to produce a lot of bites in a short period of time and in water that sees a lot of fishing pressure.”

Project Z Football JigZM15_New ProductZ_Release.indd


Given its 25-plus years of experience in the silicone skirt business and recent mission of bringing new technology and innovations to anglers, the unique look of Z-Man’s new Project Z™ skirted jigs should be a surprise to no one. Offered in two varieties—Football and Flip ‘N Cast—these revolutionary new jigs are highlighted by new Z-Tex™ textured silicone skirt material that traps bubbles on the descent and gives traditional skirted jigs a full, lifelike, three-dimensional look that fish have not seen before. Both jigs are made in the USA using high-quality Mustad® UltraPoint® hoo! ks, and the skirts feature the patented quick-change, solid-hub EZ Skirt® design for swift and simple color changes on the fly.

Designed by leading professional anglers and jig makers, the Football Jig features a wide, football-shaped head that minimizes snagging on rough terrain as well as a flat face that slams into rocks and kicks up silt to create fish-attracting disturbances. The Flip ‘N Cast Jig sports a versatile crawfish-style head that produces enticing action, slides easily over and through cover, and is perfect for a variety of casting, flipping, pitching and swimming applications. These jigs are hand-painted with color schemes matching the six popular Z-Tex jig skirt patterns and feature molded-in custom keepers that hold all types of trailers securely.