You Don’t Need A Guide – You Need A MotorGuide

On the water, connection speed can be just as important as trolling speed. With MotorGuide’s Xi3 Saltwater Kayak Bow Mount Trolling Motor and the Lowrance Elite Fishing System, you get the one-two punch you’ve been angling for. Seamless wireless integration between your motor and the Lowrance Elite Fishing System delivers the ability to get out of the technical weeds and focus on the bigger picture. In other words, stop thinking and start fishing.

Xi3 features Pinpoint® GPS that plots your current location, and when paired with the Lowrance NMEA system, programs your desired route. Scan the depths, view the color-coded map, and determine the best plan of attack based on a variety of factors, including fish species. Press the touchscreen and command Xi3 to your desired location, waypoint, or one of your favorite preset fishing routes. Coupled with C-MAP charts for easy navigation and colored contour shading, you can stop wandering around looking for the hot spots and get directly to them.

Plug and Slay

Fishing is all about staying active and being one step ahead of the target. The combination of MotorGuide’s Xi3 and the Lowrance Elite Fishing System gives you an almost unfair advantage against our gilled friends. ActiveTarget™ is a patented system that provides real-time, high-resolution imagery of fish movements. Stalk them through cover. Watch how they respond to a lure. Determine if it’s a single fish or an entire school. In addition to high-res tracking of fish, Active Imaging pinpoints potential fish-holding hot spots such as rock piles, standing timber, weed beds, ditches, and drop-offs. This sonar-based technology delivers crystal clear, high-resolution images of fish and underwater structures at a longer range than any other imaging technology. Xi3’s easy-to-read LED dashboard and the Lowrance system give you total control on the water. Once you plot your course, choose your desired MPH with the digital speed controls and get to your sweet spot quickly and silently with the quietest motor in its class.

Find Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Some waterways are as familiar as the back of your hand, but when you’re a stranger in strange waters, you’re never lost. Combine MotorGuide’s Xi3 with Lowrance’s C-MAP® technology to view high-res maps and charts of inland and coastal areas, including 25,000+ lakes in North America. Level the playing field with precise mapping of contours as small as one foot, or switch to Genesis Live for real-time mapping imagery. When it’s time to stop and drop a line, Xi3 is one of the few electric steer kayak motors with a built-in GPS anchor. Relying upon a GPS satellite receiver, two separate digital compasses, and an advanced algorithm, the system provides incredibly accurate virtual anchoring control. With a single press of the handheld remote, or a command from the Lowrance touchscreen, you’re locked into the perfect spot to land a trophy.

Every minute spent on the water is valuable. Make the most of it with the integration of Xi3 and Lowrance technology. Now available in shaft lengths from 36” to 60”, each motor is backed by a 2-year warranty. Xi3 is shipping to major retailers, visit for more information.