Yamamoto Debuts 3” Zako

Irving, TX – Yamamoto Baits is proud to announce the debut of the all-new 3” Zako. Maintaining all the same qualities that make the original 4” Zako an industry standard, the 3” offering is the same great bait in a new fish-catching size.

“The all new 3-inch Zako is the perfect complement to the original,” says Yamamoto pro Brett Hite.  “There are times when you want a smaller trailer if you need to downsize, or for clear water. This smaller version will also be the perfect match for the growing trend of smaller-bladed jigs.”

The 3” Zako is available in 19 colors, ensuring that there is always a perfect match for any scenario.

“This Zako is going to have a permanent place in my boat,” says the Arizona pro. “As a bonus, don’t overlook it as a dropshot bait in scenarios where you can use a bigger bait or there is current present.”

For almost 40 years, Yamamoto Baits have proven themselves to be a leading brand for every level of angler – from professional to entry-level. For more info on the Yamamoto Baits line of products, visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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