Yakima Expands Iconic Rooster Tail Spinner Family

For over 60 years, Worden’s Original Rooster Tail spinner, made by Yakima Bait Company, has been one of the most popular spinners for trout, bass, panfish and more. Today there are over 100 different color combinations and 10 sizes of the Rooster Tail, from 1/24th ounce to 1 ounce.

What makes this spinner so popular and productive is the Rooster Tail will perform under such a wide range of situations. The unique, medium-wide blade shape will perform when pulled either fast or slow, meaning anglers can quickly cover an area when searching for concentrations of fish, but then they can slow down their retrieve speed to more thoroughly target fish once located.

Retailers around North America love the Rooster Tail because anglers know it is a very productive lure that is easy to use. And now, new for 2021, there will be five additional color combinations in the Rooster Tail line-up that feature a unique graphic mylar decal on the spinner blade to make it even more attractive. The decal is called “Tuxedo” and it is available in the popular Brown Trout, Chartreuse Dalmatian, Fire Tiger, Rainbow, and White Dalmatian colors.

The five new Tuxedo Rooster Tails feature a unique mylar blade decal that matches the colors and hackle tails of the popular spinner.

Like all Rooster Tail spinners, the “Tuxedo” blade colors include a matching hackle tail that pulsates as the lure is worked through the water column. The new “Tuxedo” colors are available in four Rooster Tail sizes including: 1/16, 1/8, 1/6 and ¼ ounce.

“These tuxedo colors have previously been available via a special order program,” said Yakima Bait president Dan McDonald. “They have been very good sellers at the retail level, so we felt like it was time to make them available to everyone.”

McDonald also said that another popular item in the Rooster Tail category over the past few years has been the Rooster Tail Box Kits. The kits include an assortment of five of the best-selling sizes and colors of Rooster Tail, and are pre-packaged in a Plano tackle box.

The Rooster Tail Bigger Bass Kit includes five popular colors of Rooster Tails in 3/8-ounce. The lures come in a handy Plano box and also includes a FREE Vibric Rooster Tail.

Because of the success of the Rooster Tail Box Kits, Yakima Bait has added another special Box Kit just for anglers in search of big bass. Called the Rooster Tail® Bigger Bass Tackle Box Kit, the new lure assortment offers the 3/8-ounce size Rooster Tail in the Original Worden’s design. The Rooster Tail colors featured in the Bigger Bass Kit are Grey Minnow, Chartreuse, Flash White, Fire Tiger, and White.

“The larger Rooster Tails in the colors selected for this new Bigger Bass Box Kit, are our top sellers in many regions of the country where Rooster Tails are used for bass,” McDonald explained. “By putting these in a small tackle box it makes it quick and easy for anglers to get the ones that will work for them.”

Longtime fishing pro and TV personality Joe Thomas has used the larger sizes of Rooster Tail with great success over the years for bass from the Great Lakes to Texas and Florida.

Fishing Pro Joe Thomas has had incredible success with the larger sizes of Rooster Tail on big bass.

“The larger Rooster Tails are top producers for big bass,” Thomas said. “I like to use them on a fast retrieve during pre- or post-spawning time periods. Retrieve it fast and it will produce explosive strikes.”

In addition to the five Rooster Tail spinners in each Box Kit, there is a free bonus lure, a White Mylar Vibric Rooster Tail, packaged in each of the tackle boxes.

Other Box Kits in the line-up include an Allstar Pak, a Big Bass Pak, a Trout Pak, a Minnow Pak, a Pond Pak and a Panfish Pak. All are loaded with the top selling sizes and colors for the various species for which the Box Kits were designed. They feature Rooster Tail spinners ranging from 1/16 through 3/8 ounce in size.

“Retailers who have put the different Box Kits in have seen really nice success with them,” McDonald said. “The price point is very attractive and the anglers who buy them like having the Rooster Tails in a ready-to-go the tackle box. And they really like the free Vibric Rooster Tail that is included.

For more information on the new Rooster Tail tuxedo colors, the new Bigger Bass Tackle Box Kits, or any of the other Box Kits, contact your Yakima Bait Company representative or email Yakima Bait. Look for Yakima Bait in booth 2523 at the ICAST Show.