World of Technology in Pint Sized Package

Minneapolis, Minn. – Picture a roomful of sonar engineers scurrying around a laboratory like players on the gridiron. Garbed in their “home” uniforms—white labcoats and pens in pocket protectors—these brilliant electronics minds huddle, scheme and then hurry off in independent directions, each attending to a particular piece of micro-circuitry.

Unlike a sports team, however, the players for Team MarCum never take a break. For them, halftime doesn’t exist; timeouts don’t compute. In fact, the game itself never ends. Even while others in the ice category linger in a perpetual timeout mode, MarCum continues to innovate—to go beyond anglers’ wildest expectations; to grant their fish-finding wishes. Consider MarCum’s new LX-6 Digital Sonar System. Long before sonar fans clamored for a smaller, lighter LX-7, MarCum was already well on its way to perfecting such a system. Housed inside a compact flatscreen, LX-6 contains the sweeping technology and features present in its transformative big brother, last winter’s smash hit LX-7.

To aid the game of interactively hunting fish on frozen water, LX-6 displays a powerful armada of sonar data on a 6-inch (640 x 480px) high-resolution color LCD. The drop in weight and bulk hasn’t gone unnoticed by active anglers such as national ice champion and Ice Force teammate Tony Boshold. “Couldn’t tell you how MarCum does it—cramming so much passion and power into such a small package. Just glad they do, because the LX-6 simply screams. Thing gives me totally customizable views—I like to run on info overload, so I go with 3-way vertical graph / flasher / vertical zoom mode for the ultimate in fish discovery and lure surveillance.”

Operating with a full menu of famed patented sonar features—from infinitely adjustable zoom and bottom lock zoom, 12-level interference reject (IR) and ¾-inch target separation—the LX-6 is proof positive that MarCum is the reigning king in ice fishing electronics. Other primary sonar functions include four vivid color palettes, adjustable scroll/ping rate, and industry exclusive Sonar Footprint Technology that displays bottom coverage at any depth, with either 8- or 20-degree transducer cone angles. Driven by an intelligently managed sonar engine, LX-6 delivers a cool consistent 4800-watts PtP (600-watts RMS) for the ultimate in precision performance.

Further, a customizable “Dashboard” reveals digital depth, battery voltage, range, sensitivity, and interference rejection (IR). LX-6 System is also temperature capable when used with an optional High-Speed Transducer. Complete with a rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp battery, auto battery charger and deluxe padded softcase, plus a Snow Shield Faceplate, LX-6 comes fully juiced for immediate on-ice deployment.

Loaded with features and functions, LX-6 is a compact, portable sonar system that’s ready to discover structure and reveal fish. Visit to learn more about this and other MarCum Technologies’ passion-driven products.

About MarCum
Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Versa Electronics, MarCum Technologies offers the highest standards in flasher-sonar units and underwater viewing systems available today. Visit for more information.