World Fishing Network Unveils New Brand Identity

World Fishing Network, the leading entertainment destination and digital resource for anglers throughout North America, today unveiled its new brand identity, which brings about a wholesale change to the look and feel of the network.

This marks the first update to World Fishing Network’s brand identity since it launched in Dec. 2005.

“We are excited to unveil the first brand refresh that the network has undertaken,” said Pam Stinson, Vice President of Marketing for World Fishing Network. “Our new look and feel represents another milestone in the evolution of World Fishing Network and more accurately reflect who we are and what we do: Distribute diverse, engaging content to fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

“We explored different concepts over the past year after our research led us to conclude that many anglers and would-be-viewers did not identify with the letters WFN, especially in markets that recently launched World Fishing Network,” added Stinson. “With participation in fishing seeing a renaissance in recent years, this re-design helps us sync up better, not only with our current audience, but the younger generation of anglers participating in the sport as well.”

Designed in conjunction with Denver-based production company Impossible, the new logo features an iconic fishing hook incorporated into a stylized ‘F,’ bringing focus to the foundation of the network. World Fishing Network’s primary color palette has taken a dramatic departure from the original orange and black mark to an energizing blue, symbolic of the natural outdoor environment and great fishing destinations.

“Impossible was honored to include designer extraordinaire Michael Frederick with our team on this important assignment,” said Impossible Owner / Chief Creative, Joel Pilger. “Between Michael and me, we’ve had the privilege of launching and rebranding dozens of national networks. Spearheading the logo design with World Fishing Network was a great example of what collaboration looks like in today’s fast-paced broadcast environment.”

Added Frank Russo, Senior Creative Director for World Fishing Network: “The entire rebranding process was a seamless collaborative effort between our internal creative team and Impossible. World Fishing Network is a unique experience and the new logo celebrates that spirit; it engages and resonates with our passionate audience. We know the passion and adventure that the viewer experiences when he or she is on the water. We want that viewer to experience the same passion and feeling of adventure whenever they are watching World Fishing Network.”

World Fishing Network’s brand re-launch is not limited to visual elements as music and sounds were important elements taken into equal consideration. Original, sonically-branded music plays a crucial role in defining and reinforcing a channel identity, helping provide immediate recognition for viewers. For this element of World Fishing Network’s rebrand, the network enlisted the expertise of Stephen Arnold Music.

“World Fishing Network had a very specific vision in terms of the music for their new network IDs and graphics. It had to sound authentic to their target demographic and capture the passion of the sport of fishing and encompass the whole outdoor experience,” said Chad Cook, Vice President and Creative Director for Stephen Arnold Music. “The result the audience will hear is a gutsy, raw, rocking theme using amped guitars, bass, and live drums driving home a four-note melody to serve as the network’s sonic brand.”