Worden’s Announces New Spin-N-Glo colors

Worden’s Spin-N-Glo, the original buoyant winged spinner, is now available in a dozen hot new GLO WING colors. The new Glo Wings feature the flexible rubber wings that turn in the slightest of currents and the slowest of retrieves

The new colors are available in all eight Spin-N-Glo sizes.

Spin-N-Glo   is an extremely popular buoyant, noise-producing spinner when used alone or with bait for salmon and steelhead. And because the Spin-N-Glo adds motion, color, noise and flotation to baits, walleye anglers are adding them to their rigs as well.

On the East Coast, in-shore and offshore anglers have had excellent luck by adding the larger sized Spin-N-Glos to their fluke, weakfish and flounder rigs.

For more information on the new Spin-N-Glo Glo Wing colors go to www.yakimabait.com.