Wired2fish: Building Authentic Relationships in Fishing More Important than Chasing Dollars

Authenticity builds lasting relationships with consumers and partners. While the “hard sell” is the only way some know how to market products around fishing, the more authentic use of products in real-world fishing situations and showing the true benefits a piece of fishing gear will offer an angler should be the focus. Wired2fish has managed to amass a large audience around fishing while focusing on creating content, that at its core, helps the angler every time. 

BOLT Strategies relayed to us that Wired2fish often turns down advertisers because the products are not beneficial to anglers or don’t fit the avid fishing fans that frequent the Wired2fish platforms. While some would say the whole reason to have a big following is to amass as much advertising revenue as you can, that’s a disingenuous approach according to Wired2fish. 

To achieve authenticity with partners and consumers, Wired2fish will investigate the product offerings of a potential partner and see if what they offer fits the content they make or have planned for the upcoming seasons on the editorial calendar and where certain products could offer fishing advantages to anglers. 

“We put everything through a ‘sniff test’,” said COO/Publisher Jason Sealock. “We’ve seen and reviewed tens of thousands of products, and we’ll know in a few minutes if something has merit or is just an attempt to make a quick buck. The biggest service we provide our partners is proving their gear works in the field and on camera that in turn becomes sales for that partner at retail. Proof of concept is a big deal for us.”

“If your content is forced, or just trying to hock the latest product from Company XYZ, the avid angler will sniff that out too,” he continues. “We are very protective of our credibility. Once you lose that, you can’t ever get it back. So, we have turned down companies, and even certain products from large fishing manufacturers because they did not pass our tests. We only review and use the products on camera that we have thoroughly vetted and believe will help anglers enjoy their time fishing. Because none of us want our names on something that turns out to be a dog or a joke in the angling community.”

Wired2fish has had more than 450,000 clicks to retail in the first 8 months of 2020 from their digital content. They are leaders in new trends in recreational fishing and often have content created before a trend goes viral. When that happens, it’s a windfall for their partners. They are keenly in-tune with what anglers are searching for and what techniques and tackle are trending through the various seasons of the year. Their vast angling network, rapport with tackle manufacturers, and social listening keep them at the forefront of what anglers need to know.

“Our best success stories come from our partners, like Rapala, where we have a longterm relationship, and we get the opportunity to collaborate with them to build visually outstanding videos on their products,” said Ryan DeChaine, Vice President of Video Production. “As part of that, we film with our experienced content team as well as their world-class pro staff in real fishing situations with their products, so that we build an intensive story around the products to distinctively build their brand.”

Wired2fish has worked with many of the top brands in fishing and collaborated with them to fix issues with products before they went to market as well as help shape the designs so that the partner yields better results from a more refined product as Wired2fish has extensive expertise to draw on and an understanding of the issues anglers face as they are bombarded with questions on a daily basis from the angling community. They spend a lot of time troubleshooting issues for anglers which not only leads to newly developed products from some of the top brands in the fishing space but great digital content for the angling community.

It’s more than taking money from a potential advertiser for Wired2fish. They prefer a longterm relationship with a company to help them perfect their products, show the many benefits of a company’s best products in real angling situations on camera to the give the angling community proof of concept with better resources on tackle, technique, and problem solving in fishing. Ultimately, growing sales for that company as a part of a longterm editorial process.