Manasquan, New Jersey – It’s impossible to think about buying a boat today without thinking about adding satellite entertainment & communication. They have become an essential part of being at sea.

TV, internet, texting, email, music and weather can be seamlessly available no matter where you are in the world. With satellite technology fishing fleets can track fish movements, a yacht owner can close a deal from the middle of the Atlantic, an injured sailor can have a video conference with a medical expert thousands of miles away or a weekend cruiser can kick back, relax and watch his favorite team play.

How well this all works depends on the technology provider you choose.

“That’s why,” according to Eddie Winder, president of Wintron, “when we decided to expand our lineup and add additional satellite TV and broadband antennas, we chose INTELLIAN.

“Intellian is a leader in satellite antenna technology, with world-class engineering and manufacturing processes that ensure the highest quality products.

“They have products specially engineered for the leisure and recreational boater that combine satellite TV and satellite communication designed to deliver TV and data anywhere in the world.”

Jerry Bench, Wintron’s national sales manager, added that “our sales team is thoroughly trained and up-to-date on the INTELLIAN product line and are eminently qualified to help our dealers with both product selection and installation.

Questions about Intellian products can be sent to Eddie Winder at or Jerry Bench at


Wintron Electronics is a 100% wholesale only marine electronics distributor serving both the commercial and recreational boating industries.  Established in 1974 by Bill Winder, Wintron is recognized as America’s first 100% wholesale-only marine electronics distributor.