Wild Water Fly Fishing Joins Forces with King Eider Communications

Few fishing moments are as iconic, or as pure, as the perfect fly cast – carefully depositing a dry fly atop riffled water, moments before it disappears into a hungry trout’s mouth. Whether practiced on classic freestone streams, atop still northern lakes, or across tiny mountain creeks, fly fishing unites our common angling heritage with a bright future, promising more and better ways to fool trout, bass, muskies, and more with handcrafted offerings of feather and fur. Wild Water Fly Fishing is poised to expand the ranks of contemporary fly anglers by providing a unique and comprehensive collection of fly fishing essentials – and to enhance its own brand awareness by partnering with King Eider Communications.

“Fly fishing is in my DNA,” reflects Eric Dodds, Founder and President of Wild Water Fly Fishing Company. “I created Wild Water to help guide the beginner who is new to fly fishing, and for parents and grandparents who are creating a family legacy of fishing with their children and grandchildren. Wild Water outfits you with the equipment and information you’ll need to connect with success – from rods to reference guides and everything in between – ensuring that you make a good start in fly fishing with the best tools, and the best education, in hand.”

Wild Water Fly Fishing is the only company to focus exclusively on affordable, easy-to-use fly fishing starter packages for all species of fish. Whether your weekend plans call for bass and muskies in lakes, rainbows and cutthroats in wild and remote streams, or redfish and speckled trout on the flats, Wild Water has already done the heavy lifting, selecting everything you need to start fly fishing, designing and testing each kit and component so they perform flawlessly. Fly fishing requires some specialized skills – from knots to casting to fly selection to reading water – and Wild Water offers a library of free information and friendly support to answer each question and address every concern you may have.

“King Eider Communications came highly recommended by successful people I trust in the outdoor marketplace,” says Dodds. “Their team not only knows and understands fly fishing, but their deep connections across the fishing industry is going to help Wild Water build awareness and become a recognizable and respected brand. King Eider will tell our story and inform both the trade and consumers about what we do and what makes Wild Water different – and better.”

Strategic communications and outdoor marketing specialists, King Eider Communications is led by founder and industry veteran Dena Woerner-Vick, bringing innovation, decades of experience, and deep knowledge of the sportfishing marketplace to Wild Water Fly Fishing’s efforts. “Our team is excited about the opportunity to partner with Wild Water Fly Fishing,” notes Woerner-Vick. “Just in the past couple of months, we’ve been casting flies to native trout out west, to gargantuan pike in the wilds of Saskatchewan, and tarpon and snook off the coast of Florida. Fly fishing is everywhere – and expanding – and King Eider Communications is ready to propel Wild Water Fly Fishing to the apex of brand awareness among industry insiders and new fly anglers alike.”

The future of fly fishing is brighter than ever. Together, Wild Water Fly Fishing and King Eider Communications are leading the way. Join us!

About King Eider Communications

King Eider Communications is a full service agency focusing on the fishing, hunting, and outdoor marketplace, strengthened by decades of experience in public and media relations, brand strategy development and execution, and deep connections with both endemic and non-endemic brands. King Eider Communications delivers excellence with every piece of editorial content. We elevate clients’ products and amplify their message, driving consumers to make informed and enthusiastic buying decisions.

About Wild Water Fly Fishing

Wild Water Fly Fishing represents a dedication to bringing friends and family together by providing everything you’ll need to gear up for a trip to the lake. If you’re a parent or grandparent that wants to nurture a kid’s interest in fly fishing, Wild Water provides the best tools for you to make your fly fishing trip an unforgettable experience. Wild Water Fly Fishing is the only company to focus exclusively on affordable, easy-to-use fly fishing starter packages for all species of fish. Learn more about Wild Water Fishing by visiting us at www.wildwaterflyfishing.com.